Friday, May 16, 2008

Training to groom leaders

Training are born or made?I am of the firm belief that leaders are always made.Bill Gates was not a leader immediately after coming out from his mother's womb....and likewiseBut who is responsible for making those leaders?It is us as trainers who play a pivotal role in making a common man realize his latent abilities to lead.Training people to be leaders might seem easy but to be honest, it's very difficult as it entails more than mere training.Grooming people to be leaders entails mentoring, counseling, motivating,guiding,handholding and the like. It is therefore imperative for the trainers to be prepared for a long haul in making the prospect understand the nuances of leadership and more importantly trigger his or her passion and thought process so that they start treading on the path of leadership.Leadership as they say consists of many traits for which a prospective trainee has to do away with the myths and misconceptions.Know more from me......................

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