Friday, January 29, 2010

Publication number-454 on Networking and its importance

The article published in the leading English Daily of Central India, dated 26th January 2010, speaks about the importance of networking in the modern day world.Networking these days can be done in two ways, real and virtual. Although the former is still a old and tested way of sewing relationships, the latter has taken over from the former when it comes to establishing relationships across geographies.In virtual networking the skills needed to build rapport and make contacts are slightly different from the real world.Even the need for technology is more in virtual networking, not to forget the knowledge of various relationships portal, targeting different set of audiences, some for personal, some for professional usage.

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When yours truly was quoted in The Times of India

It was an evening when yours truly was working online to look for some management literatures when one of his old student, now an upcoming scribe came online.She wanted to take the opinion on a burning issue of whether it was adequate for all taxi drivers in Mumbai to learn Marathi within a 40 days deadline as suggested by the government of Maharashtra.Being an ardent and responsible Indian citizen, yours truly didn't see any meaning and substance in it as knowing Marathi or not is not of much significance as the majority communicates in the national language, Hindi.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Job Search Technique

This is the 454th publication of yours truly published in the leading English Daily of Central India, The Hitavada,dated 26th January 2010. The article leverages the practical and theoretical experience of the author while observing and researching the complete cycle of the Job Search Techniques, both in the Indian and the market of the Middle East. The conversion of these concepts into a subject, titled "Job Search Technique" has in fact helped in metamorphosing the practical insights happening in the job market, into concepts which can be understood, customized and internalized by the professional students and working executives of different functions and domains.Although the article does not provide a detailed insight on the process of Job Search Technique, it offers the major highlights which can help the stakeholders concerned to finalize their strategies for securing the right job at the right time and cost, for the right person!Did someone say getting the dream job is now more easier, if you are smart enough?

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Article on the Sales Promotions in the Sultanate of Oman

Publication numbering 456 of yours truly, published in the January 2010 edition of the prestigious advertising magazine, Advertising Express of IUP, focusses on the sales promotional techniques adopted by companies in the Sultanate of Oman. Every market is unqiue with the market related dynamics varying from one another.The article deciphers sales promotional techniques adopted by companies from diverse sectors. This would provide a snapshot to the structured, highly organized and having rich potential market of the Sultanate of Oman.The objective is to this provide an idea to the existing and prospective marketers, to understand the needs and wants of the customers here, not to forget the valuable insights the piece can provide to the researchers, students and teaching community in Oman and elsewhere.


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

451st publication on 'Reinvent Yourself'

Read and Comment on my 451st publication published in the leading English Daily of Central India, The Hitavada, dated 19th January 2010.The article provides a snapshot on reinventing self as often one tend to get stuck either with his profession or his personal life and house hold chores.In order to succeed,in both the domains, professional and personal, it is important to look for new strengths, which may have developed over a period of time,subconsciously.This helps in rejuvenating the life of the concerned individual and also enables a feel good factor all around, thereby spreading all round happiness.A happy person and happy surrounding can do wonders in ones life!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feedback on the article, Salary Negotiations:The basics, by Lama Ataya

Yours truly was indeed impressed after reading an article on the topic Salary Negotiations:The basics, by Lama Ataya of published in the business section of the leading English Daily of the Sultanate of Oman, Times of Oman, dated December 31st 2009.Knowing Lama Ataya(albeit through a tele-talk, long time back)and his leading job portal company in the Middle East, the article was on the expected lines touching upon the skills of negotiation while one goes for a job.The article starts with an emphasis on negotiation after one is selected for the position applied for. The author added that this is what is even being expected by the employer.However, the perspectives of yours truly would have added the stage the job seeker is in.This is significant especially when he/she is a fresh candidate, as it may not be apt for him/her to go for hard negotiation on two grounds. The first one is that he/she being a fresher, the first few years in the job when he is completely raw and devoid of any practical experience, is essential for learning, rather than earning as the investment in these formative years, in terms of learning the nuances of the game goes a long way in making hard bargains more effective subsequently in ones career.The second aspect would apply not only for a fresh candidate, but relate to the experienced campaigners having years of experience behind them. Yours truly is referring to the slowdown being witnessed by the employment market, including the one in Middle East, although it should be admitted that the Sultanate is better placed than many of its rivals at the AGCC and global level owing to the solid business fundamentals laid down by the visionary, His Majesty!The time may not be ripe for the job seeker to go for an all out negotiation especially when companies are trying to downsize employee strength and every one across levels and functions would simply be happy to retain their jobs.In this time of hardship yours truly finds the article a mismatch especially when he is involved in training and nurturing the future Omani managers and entrepreneurs, as a faculty of business studies in one of the prestigious colleges of technology in the Sultanate.Salary negotiation during a downturn would have been the right topic in the current scenario.The article may not impact an experienced professional as he/she is not going to get swayed away by the same, however, it may definitely impact the fresh candidates as they would go for an all out hard negotiation, failing to realize the fact that the job market is on a gradual upward movement and coming to the terms from the jolt received from the recession, biggest since the greatest depression of the 30s and 40s..The just receded recession is yet to fade away completely and especially when the Dubai crisis was the last alarmaing bell to make the stakeholders aware that it is not yet over, followed by mass removal of manpower in the companies of the Emirate(notably from the realty sector with an indirect bearing on other sectors),the article would not give the right direction to the job seekers.On a positive note, the article discusses threadbare, the skill of salary negotiation and how the same should not be limited to salary only and rather encompass the overall package, only after knowing one's own skills, knowledge and abilities, and commensurate skill-sets required for the position, the opportune time for starting and closing the negotiation related to salary are important takeaways for any job seeker.One should congratulate Times of Oman, and Lama Ataya to initiate such excellent pieces which are going to help all the job seekers across the Sultanate to know their real worth in the job market. From the employer's viewpoint it would lead to the attraction and retention of the right talent as the hard times being witnessed presently by all the organizations would soon see the dawn of a new business cycle, with full of opportunities, especially when Oman is on the cusp of a growth.