Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training Management on Slippery issues

There are various slippery issues emanating from the management of an organization, which culminates in people erosion, lowering of bottomlines, and other negative indicators which creates irreparable damamge to an organization. The reasons for these slippery issues could be many, one it could be too much to do in too less a time, with too little of resources(which ofcourse is the the order of the day and therefore you need management)but it crosses the threshold than the results are detrimental to an organization.In such a state, quite oftenI have noticed management to be confused with a cluttered mind and therefore try to impose unrealistic targets and expectations.There are also instances of the organizational environment changing like there are changes happening in a food menu.This fickle approach leads the organization into a black hole.My consultancy and mentoring stints with many a top managers and executives across sectors revealed that there should be rigorous training on such matters, which apart from looking into the strategic perspectives also looks into the functional areas.Thats the need of the hour for any growing organization................................know more from me

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