Friday, May 30, 2008

Metamorphosing from People Centric to Process Centric Training

People centric training is the common practice followed all across the globe. In people centric training, the trainer calls the shot be it finalization of training approaches, devising and implementing training methodologies, evaluation parameters, supplements to be incorporated in the training, value added benefits for the trainee and the like.While it is good for an organization to have people centric approach, it however makes a dent in the organization's exchequer, primarily because the trainer calls the shot.If the trainer is stationed in-house then he would like to impart the training matching his own needs, thereby thinking less about the organization and the output achieved.However, in such a scenario the poor Human Resource Department more specically the Training and Development cell is held ransom to the whims and fancies of a single trainer.Moreover, the trainer often tries to influence the trainees for their own vested interests and therefore there is a urgent need to standardize training procedures be changing it to process based one.

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