Saturday, November 9, 2013

Academic Leadership is different from Leadership in other Arenas?

Is Academic leadership  different from leadership in other spheres of life? Yes and No! Yes, because academic relationship would have different goals to be achieved through a  series of processes, meant for a different set of stakeholders and no, because, basic tenets of a leader remains more or less the same, whether he is representing the fraternity of academicians, Business Executives or even Entrepreneurs. The major basis on which one can differentiate academic leadership are as follows-

(1) Academic leadership does not have a profit motive like that of a Business Enterprise related Leadership.
(2)Academic leadership does not have a goal to establish akin to the Business or Political leadership where physical and mental supremacy over the followers reigns supreme and forms the bedrock. It rather tries to enlighten and groom the learner(read target audience)  about the need for ethical, responsible and professional leaders in different walks of life.
(3)Academic leadership does not call for a fragmented yet coordinated approach akin to a business organization as the teaching and learning calls for mediums which can reach out even when there are geographical, mental, physical barriers.
(4)Academic leadership does not need a hegemony similar to that of a political leader who presents himself/herself in terms of the people ruled, the geography covered, apart from the other tangibles that shows his/her clout.
(5)Academic leadership calls for knowledge and management/administration related insights pertaining to management of an academy of learning, whereas other leadership calls for traits which are commensurate with their domains.
(6)Academic leadership can be attained by a blended method of reading, application and experience whereas Business, Political and Personal Leadership is more effective with an hands on approach.

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