Friday, February 28, 2014

Industry Visit as a Teaching-Learning Tool

26th of February 2014 witnessed a unique teaching-learning experience while the eager learner of Financial Institution & Services of Diploma level and Banking Theory & Practice students of Advanced Diploma level embarked on a industry visit to the prestigious Central Bank of Oman(CBO). Industry visits have often been used as an effective teaching-learning tool, however, its effectiveness increases manifold if its properly planned in line with the theory taught in the four-walls of the classroom, not to forget the ability of the lecturer/trainer-industry professional combine to relate the presentation or learning derived precisely in consonance with the level of the learner. The amazing ability of the professionals from different departments of the CBO to reach out to the learner's level, in terms of simplicity, conceptual clarity and diving home the practical understanding of the theoretical learning imbibed while pursuing the academic program, made it a wonderful experience for all concerned. It was evident from the level of interactivity displayed by the listeners. The planned assignment in line with the industry visit just before the onset of the tour acted as the right motivator for the learner to prepare well, along with their spadework, not to forget the need to pay attention to every minute details being discussed. The post visit submission in the form of an individual report  having due weightage, contributed towards the overall performance matrix of the learner. The biggest takeaways from  this industry visit has been the following-
(1)The importance to plan the right topic at the right time
(2)The need for the industry professionals to reach out to the learner in terms of their understanding
(3)The importance of adequate spadework so as to make the learner prepare actively in the discussion
(4)The ideal motivator to participate with an open mind is decided with the fixation of the right kind of post visit submission and evaluation with due weightage
(5)Hearing from the horses mouth, i.e. the practical insights from the professional Central Bankers or industry chieftains
(6)Visit to the currency museum enabled the understanding of the evolution of currency from the historical perspective
(7)Last, but not the least the cooperation from the institution, the department as well the industry involved in the Industry visit based teaching-learning
Special thanks to CBO and the presenters, heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Mohd. Riyaz, OJT Coordinator, Business Studies Department, Business Studies Department Administration, College Administration of ICT, Ms. Marie Grace for facilitating the visit, along with yours truly and lastly the keen learner comprising of the students of Financial Institution & Services, and Banking Theory & Practice for their active partcipation.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can the new India Born Head of Microsoft take the company past Google, Apple to name a few?

Satya Nadella is Microsoft's next CEO, Bill Gates his wingman