Thursday, October 20, 2011

452nd Publication in The Times of Oman, Thursday Magazine

This is the 452nd publication overall, published in The Times of Oman, Thursday Magazine, dated,20th to 26th October 2011.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

500th Publication-International Journal, PROFICIENT

It gives me immense pleasure to present my 500th publication overall. The case study on entrepreneurship has been published in the leading International Journal of Management, Proficient.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recommendation/Testimonial from the President and Founder of

It is indeed an honour to receive a recommendation/testimonial from the president and founder, Mr. Tariq Al Barwani of the leading knowledge portal of the Sultanate of Oman, . I am associated with this novel learning initiative as part of my social contributions and towards doing that extra bit for this excellent nation, in line with the dream of the great leader Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. I joined as a contributor then moved on a column coordinator and presently associated as community contributor. My profile in the portal can be seen at-

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Recommendation for Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty from the Founder and President of , Mr. Tariq Al Barwani

Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Important Announcement

After my blog and microblog, welcome to my third blog!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony

Size doesn't matter, the attitude matters!Yours truly was stunned after seeing the fabulous ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.The immediate thought which crossed the mind was the comparison of the opening ceremonies held in the subcontinental world cups dated 1987 and 1996.There are some important learning which the bigger and more powerful neighbour(read India) can decipher from the recently concluded opening ceremony in the capital of its eastern neighbour.They are as follows-
(1)The country marketed itself in a commendable manner by riding piggy on the ICC World Cup 2010 stage.
(2)The homogenous and simple flow of the event without and hiccup or glitches is praiseworthy.
(3)Everyone contributed under the able leadership of PM Shiekh Hasina, which was evident from the all round support and preparations of the event.
(4)One point agenda of everybody starting from the rickshaw puller plying Dhaka to the cricket official of BCB(Bangladesh Cricket Board)was to make this event a grand success which in turn would generate lot of foreign revenues and indirect employment in the months to come.
(5)No last minute hassles like Eden Garden and CWG fiasco in India
(6)No Kalmadi type corrupt sports administrator in the helm
(7)Adequate opportunity given to fellow co-hosts like India and Sri-Lanka thereby displaying their big hearted approach towards the neighbouring country
(8)For once Indian corrupt politician, Agriculture minister and ICC President, Sharad Pawar was honest and vocal while saying this was the best opening ceremony he had witnessed, indirectly referring to the maladies of those held in India in 87 and 96 respectively.
(9)The show as simple yet modern with all the latest technologies in display, not to forget the perfect blend of Bangladeshi culture and modernity
(10)Refusal of Shakira and accepting Bryan Adams as the latter quoted an astronomical sum speaks volumes about the reality the decision makers lives in.India would have accepted that offer and the decision makers would in turn had generated personal kick-backs for the same.

Its time when Indian cricket board, supposed to be the richest, but the most fragmented within and the Indian politicos understand and learn from their small neighbour.Size and selfish approach doesnt matter, attitude, determination, passion and love for the country matters when it comes to organizing global events like Common Wealth Games, World Cups etc. Is Kalmadi and co listenting?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unique Promotion by Red Bull in Oman

Everyone globally is aware about the leading energy drink,Austria based Red Bull. A whole lot of case studies has been written about the same, focussing on branding and other allied aspects of marketing, viz. promotion. Yours truly had been witnessing one of the unique promotional strategies of this novel brand in the Sultanate of Oman for the last two years. Being a brand especially targeted to the youth segment of the society who are not only health consciousness, but also the upwardly mobile cutting across demographies (read students, corporate executives, professors),the brand presents its attributes through adventure sports. The bicycle specialist roped in from Europe having expertise in making acrobatic displays stunning jumps from one peak to another trough to the applause of the audience present. Yours truly witnessed the event two years in succession in the leading colleges and universities especially when the institutes are busy arranging events like Career Fairs/Job Fairs which in turn draw huge audience from different parts of the Sultanate.To add to this extravaganza the company distributes free samples of Red Bull and the acrobatic display has a DG in the background revealing the dynamism of the brand.The approach adopted to relate the features of the brand with the promotion and advertising is a marketing professional's delight. The video of the eye-catching promotion would soon be attached to this blog. Meanwhile,read and comment.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Muscat Festival-2011

Muscat festival-2011 being underway is a gala event organized in the capital city of the beautiful country, the Sultanate of Oman.An annual event it's a blend of art, literature, handicrafts, culture and heritage of a galaxy of nations from all over the world.The confluence of so many nations, coupled with the fun-filled environs of the celebrations makes it a grand place for family and friends to meet, greet and learn as well.Yours truly along with a pal joined the celebrations and trust me the lazer show, the musical fountains and the light show were great stuff.However, what caught the attention was the education being provided to all on the fall-out of drug abuse, along with the cultural shows being presented by the artists of different countries.The traditional Russian dance and the Omani dance were absolute delight to the eyes.The arrangements were absolutely perfect and kudos to the organizers for the same.Some of the snaps can be seen from

Friday, February 4, 2011

Made in India brand making it big in the Global Stage

It is indeed soothing to the eyes when an Indian traces MADE IN INDIA brand in any of the other markets apart from that of the domestic one.Most of the Indian companies have gone global by either acquiring global brands (read Tata-Corus, Tata Motors acquiring Jaquar, Landrover range of cars)or by selling Indian brands to global behemoths(read Ramesh Chauhan's Parle beverages being acquired by Coca-Cola)or even made in India cars from the stable of Maruti Suzuki like Alto, Swift plying on the foreign roads. Even a Tata Nano here and there being sold in the global market under the parent brand name or that of the marketing partner is a moment of pride for all Indians, as we present our frugal engineering capabilities to the world market.Tata Tea and Tata-Tetly Coffee can be sipped in the leading hotel and cafe chains,which in turn adds to the overall flavour of the iconic Indian brands.A serious thought would make one wonder as to how these corporations found their feet in the highly competitive and regulated overseas markets after coming from an emerging nation. Indian IT brands like Tata Consultancy, Infosys, Wipro to name a few are household names and even giants like Big Blue(IBM)have felt their tremors.Inspite of the bottle-necks and red-tapism, not to forget the mammoth corruption being unearth every now and then, hats off to corporate India for taking such gigantic leaps in a cut throat competitive era.Indian leaders needs to understand the inherent capabilities of Indian organizations and its manpower thereby reducing the looting spree of the public exchequer! India can glorify even more if the so called national decision makers realize the importance of the sentiments of a billion plus population based inside and outside India.2G, Adarsh Housing, erstwhile Fodder Scams are taking center-stage for all the bad reasons, mainly due to their sheer magnitude and impact!What an irony!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ancillaries or Vendor Development in Indian Healthcare Sector

It was the second visit to Chennai's Apollo Hospital, a renowned corporate chain with its Chennai unit creating a niche for itself,both domestically and globally.The present blog doesnt get into the services provided by the chain or the other aspect attached to it.It talks about the indirect employment generation, contribution towards the state exchequer of Tamil Nadu which has compelled me to scribble this blog.Apollo in the Greams Road of Chennai with its different subsidiary like Heart Hospital, General Hospital,Children Hospital,Dental Hospital have created a wide range of employment for the local youths of the area and also indirectly in other parts of India.The number of small lodge, motels all over the area filled with patients coming from different parts of India and other parts of the world,predominantly, the Middle East, generates revenues for the owners.At no point would you witness empty rooms in those joints, which talks a lot about their occupancy rates.Most of these patients checking in stay put for a longer period of time, and also come back for follow-up and prefers to check in at the same old destination.The queue of auto drivers all around the hospital premises and hovering around the motels and hotels provides them readymade income without much effort.The travel and tourism operators are present in almost all the reception enclosures of those motels, providing ticketing facilities while they return back to their respective homes, apart from arranging tours locally in Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu.The number of medicine retailers offering hefty discounts ranging to even 15-20 percent on a high value bill so as to poach patients from the in-house apollo chemists and druggist says it all, about the drug retailing industry.Even the restaurants offers food matching the taste buds of all the patient and their dependent folks. As most of the patients coming are from the North Eastern and Eastern part of India, one would see signboards in Bengali,that too in a far flung Tamil Nadu, where even Hindi, the national language doesnt have any takers!Its the impact of money,honey!It is time for the Tamil Nadu government to take notice of the same so as to organize all these ancillaries, which would culminate in better infrastructure, avoid hoarding and generate more employment and money for the state exchequer.Is Karunanidi and Company listening?