Friday, May 30, 2008

Training on soul-searching

Managers and entrepreneurs especially the ones who are packed with lot of tasks and responsibilites hardly find time to do some real introspections or to undergo the process of soul searching.It is an absolute must as it is during these sessions one realizes that whether the thought process and actions being taken are on track or they deviate from a normal one, which is hitherto not being visible to naked and audible to semi-open ears.It all happens primarily because all these people are crammed into their schedules as a result of which they simply cannot ponder on issues, which needs to be given a serious thought.....................not only in the interest of the organization, but also for the concerned individual involved in decision making and implementation. My module on the same is a research based one and I have found out that planned training itinerary with the right follow-ups works when it comes to soul searching and introspection.
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