Friday, June 26, 2009

My 408th publication on 'The Fun of Blended Learning and Training Approach

My 408th publication on talks about the fun and associated importance of blending learning approach. Till a few years back trainers and teachers had to rely solely on the conventional approaches, however, the emergence of new technologies have not only tilted the fulcrum towards a more rational approach, but has also enabled the trainer's fraternity to bring out the best from the target audience(read trainees or students).Although I have experienced only two of them namely, LMS and MOODLE, I am sure many of you have gathered more insight on the same.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Publications in IUP till date

Although I am contributing to various publications globally, IUP has a special place in my heart as it entails a wide array of publications consisting of professional periodicals, journals and magazines.It incites novel writing ways, as each

publication calls for a different approach of researching, analyzing and then converting the same into a research paper or an article. A substantial number of my 405 articles till date have been contributed to IUP.

My Scholarly Articles in SSRN Journal

Soft Skills is closely associated with management.It is therefore one of the area I am focussing on especially when it comes to training and consultancy. SSRN is a prestigious journal and my three papers till date have focusses on the importance of soft skills to succeed in a corporate life and industry.

Friday, June 19, 2009

KO Column in GROWING Fast !!!

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to note that the is growing at a brisk pace. The dream of His Majesty of metamorphosing the Sultanate into a knowledge driven society and nation has started to see the light of the day. My compliments to the KO team for their dedicated and single-minded approach of making the portal a benchmarked one! I am also pleased to see that KO Column is growing by leaps and bounds, which was initiated when I mailed the KO Team with my request to contribute an article every week. Now there are other contributors as well and I welcome, my fellow contributor Priyanka Sacheti, for her inaugural contribution ! Let this be the platform where cross pollination of ideas, dissemination of knowledge happen so that the Sultanate can build up on the economic landscape being witnessed presently.
Once again I would like to Congratulate KO Team for making a knowledge mouth piece for the Sultanate. Together we Can !!!

My Article on The Piece of Paper which Speaks in your Absence

My 405th article speaks about the importance of the so called piece of paper, called as CV, Resume or Bio-data is very important for a job aspirant or for any aspiring professionals. After teaching a new subject, Job Search Technique, I would explore some important facet of this piece of paper, which is absolutely vital for all concerned. In many cases people dont even know the difference between a CV, a Resume, or a Bio-data.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new article in The Journal of Soft Skills

This is my 404th publication published in the prestigious IUP Journal of Soft Skills. The article disseminates cases and situations which throws light on the importance of soft skills for individuals and their contribution in building nations, companies, economies, nationally as well as globally.There are still misconceptions which goes around the world, citing the difficulty in blending hard skills with that of the soft skills,however minute observations of propering nations, the companies staying afloat in spite of the down turn witnessed globally, would point towards the fact that soft skills is no more a luxury, but a necessity.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When I was LIVE on the Cyber Talk radio show...........

It was indeed a pleasure to associate with a big audience from The Sultanate of Oman. It was 1st of June 2009 when I got the invitation from Rym of knowledgeoman. She asked me to opt for the topics on which I have to contribute and participate in the weekly Cyber Talk radio show. I selected the following topics- 1) Importance of Education(2)The power of dream(3)How to get your dream job(4)How can expatriate teachers contribute towards the growth of The Sultanate.
Then on 3rd of June 2009, 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm I was interviewed by the host, Mr. Tariq Al Barwani, President of, which was presented live all across The Sultanate of Oman on Radio Sultanate of Oman, under the frequency 90.4 FM.
It was indeed a thrilling experience to reach out to the bigger community and to be honest, in spite of my years of experience in the print and the new age electronic medium(read Internet), it was the first incident where I was LIVE on radio.I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction and my experiences with the students of Oman, along with my past experiences in UAE and the Indian subcontinent enabled me to substantiate on the matters.
My weekly contributions in the KO Column of, along with my publications and profile details in my blog were presented by the host.
Thanks knowledgeoman and carry forward the excellent work of knowledge transfer all across the Sultanate!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My article in the library of 'State Bank of Pakistan'

My article titled 'Recruitment Dynamics', published in the HRM Review, VIII(XI),November 2008, P-16 to P-19 of Icfai University Press is part of the library of the State Bank of Pakistan.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Article on "How to avoid being a misfit"

This is my 402nd article published in . The article talks about important aspect as to how can one prevent being a misfit in an organization. Quite often career aspirants tries to hurry up their decision making process and then realizes that they have landed up with a wrong job.This is a crucial decision as one decision can make or break a career.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

My 4ooth Publication on 'Accreditation-More than a Branding Tool'

My 400th publication is an article published in the HRM Review, June 2009 issue on Accreditation-More than a branding tool. The article is on the basis of my first hand experience I had in the accreditation process in India and in the Sultanate of Oman. I realized the fact that if taken in true spirit, accreditation is more than a sheer marketing tool. This however, depends on the attitude and approach towards accreditation by the colleges/institutes/universities undergoing it. The culture should be uniform and percolated from top to bottom.
Moreover, being my 400th publication I should admit the journey so far was really amazing and I am counting for more.The interesting part is, I can stay without food, but I find it difficult to stay without scribbling something. Moreover, I am of the opinion that writing makes your thinking more sharp and focussed as it gives direction to the mind.
Thanks to all my publishers, globally as they have played a very important role in these 400 articles, case studies, research papers, and extracts.

My article on 'Blending Hard Skills with Soft Skills in Academic Delivery'

My 399th Publication is an article published in the leading knowledge portal of The Sultanate of Oman, The article talks about the significance of blending hard skills with soft skills especially when the challenges being faced by the corporate world and industries globally are witnessing these sudden eruptions only because the decision makers lacked the perfect blend of the both.This is even more significant when one considers the fresh graduates of different disciplines knocking at the doors of the competitive world of jobs and careers.
This is solely being written by yours truly on the basis of the first hand experiences gained and observations made while training college/university students and working executives in India, Australia, The UAE and The Sultanate of Oman.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Article on 'Indian Elections 2009 and Management Learnings'

The article published on the 2nd of June 09, in the leading English daily of Central India,The Hitavada, happens to be my 397th publication. This one is little different from my normal one. Indian politics and especially the election jamboree has always caught the imagination of the world at large. It therefore offers fascinating lessons for management professionals and like in the past when I dissected sports, entertainment and movies for management learning, in this piece I have tried to decipher the elections 2009 from a management learning perspective. The political parties have understood the importance of management, be it the electioneering, finalizing manifestoes, seat sharing agreements-pre-poll and post poll, finalization of constituents and their representatives to name a few.The results of election 2009 was a pointer to that affect.

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