Friday, May 30, 2008

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Metamorphosing from People Centric to Process Centric Training

People centric training is the common practice followed all across the globe. In people centric training, the trainer calls the shot be it finalization of training approaches, devising and implementing training methodologies, evaluation parameters, supplements to be incorporated in the training, value added benefits for the trainee and the like.While it is good for an organization to have people centric approach, it however makes a dent in the organization's exchequer, primarily because the trainer calls the shot.If the trainer is stationed in-house then he would like to impart the training matching his own needs, thereby thinking less about the organization and the output achieved.However, in such a scenario the poor Human Resource Department more specically the Training and Development cell is held ransom to the whims and fancies of a single trainer.Moreover, the trainer often tries to influence the trainees for their own vested interests and therefore there is a urgent need to standardize training procedures be changing it to process based one.

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New Links of my articles

Trainers Introspection

Training methodlogies has to be chosen keeping in mind the target audience, the objective of the training and parameters like content, exercises, interactivity, tools etc. One size fits all in training is a passe. The trainer has to do thorough research so as to understand what would suit the trainees.It's more than the routine Training Need Analysis(tna) as the routine introspection calls for more than a TNA.Soul searching coupled with proper due diligence is the need of the hour and it's therefore pertinent on the part of the trainer to conduct a thorough research which in turn would provide the roadmap for during training and after training methodologies to be adopted.

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My experience in Dubai while working on a project is worth mentioning.I found it extremely interesting to understand the dynamics between Indian and UAE based organizations.There are good and bad measures if ones compares both these organisations, i.e. Indian corporates and UAE based ones. Metamorphosing from a local to global player calls for different types of qualities which necessarily has to be strategic related, but the same feeling and spirit should percolate down to all the functions across the ranks.This is where I realised the top management need to play a pivotal role as being the decision maker it is their responsibility to sow the seeds of change and welcome it by both hands not only by words but also in action.A company might have all the resources which makes it feel that it has a global ingredients, but the same is not accepted unless it is accepted by the masses, which necessarily means the current crop of and future stakeholders.Organisational transformation calls for a lot of introspection as management going for wholesale changes without understanding the nuances and before looking back into the history sheet might land up with a distorted shape, size and scale.

Experiences of Corporate Restructuring in Dubai

My recent experiences with a team of subject matter experts while working on a project on corporate restructuring was an eye opener for me.I not only gained lot of learning out of that but it also enabled me to see the existing corporate restructure from different angles primarily because domain experts from multidiscipline perspective.Moreover, this platform was also one where every understood the organisation from different perspective, realised the earlier gap analysis findings from different points so as to come out with novel and effective measures.
In a nutshell I could realize the differences in Indian and UAE market as far as corporate functioning and structuring is concerned.

Experiences of Corporate Restructuring in Dubai

My recent experiences with a team of subject matter experts while working on a project on corporate restructuring was an eye opener for me.I not only gained lot of learning out of that but it also enabled me to see the existing corporate restructure from different angles primarily because domain experts from multidiscipline perspective.Moreover, this platform was also one where every understood the organisation from different perspective, realised the earlier gap analysis findings from different points so as to come out with novel and effective measures.
In a nutshell I could realize the differences in Indian and UAE market as far as corporate functioning and structuring is concerned.

Training employees on Knowledge Managment

Knowledge Management(KM) has become the cornerstone for all organizations, notably the ones from the knowledge or new economy sectors like IT, ITeS or biotechnology.The spillover effect has however taken such practices even into the mainstream whereby companies from old economy sectors are leveraging the same to the hilt.KM is basically the culture development and its effective implementation within the rank and file of the organization. The training to bring in that revolution calls for more than what meets the naked eye.My research and implementation of my modules on KM techniques has provided me one big learning, and that is the the module fundamentals are the same, but the implementation tactics are vastly different.

Training for taking initiatives

Organizations want their employees to take initiatives and come out with novel practices not only within their scope of work, but across functions and levels.This in turn calls for an open and rewarding approach on the part of the management and participative approach on the part of the employees. Mere lip service does not suffice, it calls for more than that as the move is more of a cultural drive, rather than functional ones. My experience has made me come out with a module which can train management and staff seperately on these aspects and then align it together in the interest of the organization.

Training for peer learning

Peer learning is an effective learning tool for all professionals especially the ones from the new economy sectors like IT,ITeS and other services sector.Since these sectors are knowledge driven, where knowledge workers play a pivotal role, it is important to germinate a culture of peer learning, which in turn would culminate in knowledge sharing.However, it's not easy as my consulting experiences have revealed that peer learning is an element which should be ingrained as part of the culture, which in turn calls for training.Training staff on peer learning is different from training management cadre on peer learning as the personality attributes varies in both the cases.
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Training for self management

Self management si an essential for personal success, be it at the professional level or at the personal level.My modules on leveraging management tools for self management focusses on all these aspects, where I have tried to apply and relate all modern day management concepts in the day to day life of an individual.It's basically deciphering the bigger meaning of all such concepts, which enables a person to be more efficient by cashing on the resources.

Training on soul-searching

Managers and entrepreneurs especially the ones who are packed with lot of tasks and responsibilites hardly find time to do some real introspections or to undergo the process of soul searching.It is an absolute must as it is during these sessions one realizes that whether the thought process and actions being taken are on track or they deviate from a normal one, which is hitherto not being visible to naked and audible to semi-open ears.It all happens primarily because all these people are crammed into their schedules as a result of which they simply cannot ponder on issues, which needs to be given a serious thought.....................not only in the interest of the organization, but also for the concerned individual involved in decision making and implementation. My module on the same is a research based one and I have found out that planned training itinerary with the right follow-ups works when it comes to soul searching and introspection.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training Management on Slippery issues

There are various slippery issues emanating from the management of an organization, which culminates in people erosion, lowering of bottomlines, and other negative indicators which creates irreparable damamge to an organization. The reasons for these slippery issues could be many, one it could be too much to do in too less a time, with too little of resources(which ofcourse is the the order of the day and therefore you need management)but it crosses the threshold than the results are detrimental to an organization.In such a state, quite oftenI have noticed management to be confused with a cluttered mind and therefore try to impose unrealistic targets and expectations.There are also instances of the organizational environment changing like there are changes happening in a food menu.This fickle approach leads the organization into a black hole.My consultancy and mentoring stints with many a top managers and executives across sectors revealed that there should be rigorous training on such matters, which apart from looking into the strategic perspectives also looks into the functional areas.Thats the need of the hour for any growing organization................................know more from me

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The need for training in e-learning industry to develop functional cohesion

The e-learning industry works in a process where various functional experts like instructional designers, graphic designers, subject matter experts, programmers, visualizers works in tandem. All these professionals need to be trained on the softer aspects as cohesion between departments and experts is of paramount importance as they need to compliment each other in the interest of the project.Quite often it has been observed that the lack of understanding and ego culminates in creating false understandings, thereby affecting the product delivery and quality.

Training for SME in the e-Learning industry

Training for a Subject Matter Expert in the electronic learning industry is an absolute must as the subject matter expert, who may be sound in domain know-how has to given training on embracing technology as a blend of knowledge and technology are the prerequisite for the e-learning industry.Moreover the SME need to understand what would be the proportion of technology and knowledge so as to make the e-learning presentations a perfect one, which requires training which has to be multifaceted. If this proportion is explained and the SME are able to mix both in the right amount then wonderful e-learning solutions can be made. The training however has to be very focussed for which various novel ways of training need analysis has to be performed.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Segmentation and Targeting in Training

Sounds surprising!!!!!!!!!!!!Segmentation and Targeting in training? Whcich are essentially part of Marketing Management, but hang on, my experience in conducting so many corporate and students training program has given me enough food for thought to make this a precursor for all my training programs and workshops.Segmentation and Targeting play a very important role as there are various basis on which the segmentation is done for the audience.On the basis the targeting strategies are finalized which in turn are related in a very big way with that of the preparation and implementation of the training modules.Chances are that nine out of ten times you would come out satisfied from the session and this is my assurance.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Career as a trainer

Career as a trainer is highly challenging and satisfying provided one has the knack to groom people and grow and learn with them.Trainers are not just the tribes who can communicate well, more than that they should be the one who can bring in that change in the future of a person.He should be a motivator, an orator, an analyst, a counsellor, a mentor, a guide, a planner, and a host of other roles...............which makes one an ideal trainer.One big reasons why training fail is the absence of the right trainers. Know the tricks of recuiting and identifying the right trainer....from me

Friday, May 16, 2008

Training to groom leaders

Training are born or made?I am of the firm belief that leaders are always made.Bill Gates was not a leader immediately after coming out from his mother's womb....and likewiseBut who is responsible for making those leaders?It is us as trainers who play a pivotal role in making a common man realize his latent abilities to lead.Training people to be leaders might seem easy but to be honest, it's very difficult as it entails more than mere training.Grooming people to be leaders entails mentoring, counseling, motivating,guiding,handholding and the like. It is therefore imperative for the trainers to be prepared for a long haul in making the prospect understand the nuances of leadership and more importantly trigger his or her passion and thought process so that they start treading on the path of leadership.Leadership as they say consists of many traits for which a prospective trainee has to do away with the myths and misconceptions.Know more from me......................

Training to groom leaders

Leaders are born and not made or is it the other way round?I am of teh firm belief that leaders are made and not born. So who is responsible for making leaders?It's us as trainers who can not not only train them to understand the nuances of leadership but also motivate, counsel, mentor and handhold them till they realize their latent potential.Most of the leaders from across sectors or even diverse walks of life had someone or the other who acted as their trainer.Interestingly the training set up to groom leaders at most times happens in an informal setup more than that of the formal surroundings.It is here that a prospective candidate if sincere can pick up lot of threads finally culminating in becoming a leader.Some myths and misconceptions about leadership should be thrown out of the door before one decides to lead................know more from me.........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learning organizations are training oriented

Every organization spends substantial sum under training, however, to what extent the training programs are successful depends on the culture of the organization. My personal experience while consulting with organizations revealed that a learning organization, where the seed is sown for learning at every point in time, extracts the most from the training programs. The general tendency to do training just for the sake of it is needless as they only spend those amounts without deriving any tangible benefits out of it.For that to happen an organization has to imbibe a culture of learning during success and failure and subsequently think of making it a training organization, where each and every employee welcome change with open arms.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Training self

Can you be a trainer for self?Yes, its very much possible to be a trainer and trainee, especially if one is willing to transform through learning at every point in time. Metamorphosing from a trainee to trainer and vice versa calls for lot of maturity on the part of the individual as he has to be rational and matured enough to know when to switch gears and align himself with the environment. Moreover, the personality shoudl be tuned in such a way that he knows the dual role to perfection which not only results in self development, but also has a positive spill over into the surroundings.

Removing Training Phobia

Many potential trainers run away or shrug off from their responsibilities, only because they develop a training phobia.It may result due to various reasons, viz. stage fear, lack of confidence, personality clashes and the like.There are various ways to prevent it as one can very well leverage his or her experience in training his peers, subordinates by cashing on the rich experiences gathered over the years. My modules on removing training phobia clubs the people into homogeneous groups depending upon their latent capabilities, experience profile and the reason of the phobia.After 7 weeks of rigorous treatment, a candidate can very well kick start his training responsibilities in diverse set-ups, which till a few weeks back was a pipe dream.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Training on Boss Management

Boss Management is equally effective as that of subordinate management as a smooth two way relationship ensures bumper free movement of resources, finally culminating in increased productivity. My modules on boss management are more of customized one rather than off the shelf offerings as my view about management of boss varies from person to person.This is precisely the reason why i term my boss management modules as mentoring and counseling sessions, rather than training programs. Boss management training programs are not one shot dose, they are continuous interface between the trainer and the trainee and therefore, I advise all my trainees to send their feedback and observations regularly.

Training for building peer relationships

Peer relationships play an important role in all types of organization, more so because we live in the wrold of integrated management, where water tight compartment approach is a passe. It is easier said than done, when it comes to build effective peer relationships. My training modules which have been devised after rigorous research and brain storming with the fellow trainers and trainees have started to give me the expected yield. I am closely studying the impact of training people on building effective and long lasting peer relationships for which I found out that role play, simulation, case analysis, operation workouts are workable and result oriented tools for driving home the points.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Training for the grassroot workers

Grassroot workers across sectors have some commonality and differences. One close comparison would reveal that there are more of commonalities, than differences, therefore I have formulated off the shelf training module for such grassworkers across industries.My first two instances of leveraging these modules have been encouraging, therefore I am trying to upgrade the same after every attempt. It helps in many ways as far as the target audience is concerned.
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Training for the Healthcare sector

It was my recent experiences as a customer when one of my closed relatives was being treated in medium scale and a large healthcare center, that I observed there is an urgent need for this sector to be trained on management, so as to deliver services matching the need of the customer(read patient).While medium and small players are completely unware about the importance of management training and applications in their set-up the bigger players, so called healthcare majors from the organised sectors have adopted management practices and training in a piece-meal fashion.While the former never ever thought about training, the latter has adopted it in bits and pieces mainly as an eye-washing tool.On the basis of this I have prepared a management case study and various training modules exclusively for the healthcare players, which I am going to deliver shortly to one of the players in Mumbai.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Mobile Training

Mobile Training, they say is supposed to be the next big thing.There are indications around which would promptly make one comment that since the penetration rate of mobile phones are more than that of computer, the potential for online training is the maximum through this mode.The question which would arise in anybody's mind is what is going to be the role of a trainer in a mobile training set-up?There are enough indications showing that a trainer has to play the role of a facilitator like that of the electronic training mode, however, since the training delivery is mobile and not sedentary, it calls for more versatility on the part of the trainer-trainee duo.

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Training wannabe Entrepreneurs

Training budding entrepreneur is fun as well as challenging. A first generation entrepreneur is difficult to train as he has to be imparted the threads from the scratch, on the contrary, second and third generation entrepreneurs have already understood the basics by simple observation and feels they have it in their genes.However, for the trainer, all trainees are the same and they only differ when it comes to planning training approaches, building up modules and imparting the same.My experience with first generation trainees were eye-openers when it came to new ideas, whereas the old hats were more informative as they learnt more on the basis of their experience.

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