Thursday, July 17, 2008

Making Case Studies as a Training Material

Case Studies are often used in a business school as a training and teaching tool.I have developed many case studies till date which consists of local and global companies.These case studies are undoubtedly of immense help to train students the fine prints of management and business administration.However, these cases are also being used by me while imparting corporate training and my observation has been highly positive as the net takeaways after every training and workshop program are more than those where case based training was not the focus.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dubai Consulting Experiences

It was the recent experience I had in Dubai with a leading company while working on a project of corporate restructuring that I would like to share with you all.I was working there with a team of subject matter experts along with the guidance of director of SAARC operations of that company whereby I realized the fact that corporate restructuring is more than merely setting up the hierarchial map, it called for a overall change in everything starting from employee expectations to the embracing up of a new organisational culture.The first phase of the project was a due diligence, where an audit was conducted and was then related with their past data and informations.It was preety evident that in corporate restructuring, the onus lies more on the management as they have to lead from the front in all the employees taking equal ownership to accept change with an open mind.Goes without saying these type of exercise also bring to the fore 20% of employees who contribute to the 80% of organizational productivity.
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