Friday, May 30, 2008

My experience in Dubai while working on a project is worth mentioning.I found it extremely interesting to understand the dynamics between Indian and UAE based organizations.There are good and bad measures if ones compares both these organisations, i.e. Indian corporates and UAE based ones. Metamorphosing from a local to global player calls for different types of qualities which necessarily has to be strategic related, but the same feeling and spirit should percolate down to all the functions across the ranks.This is where I realised the top management need to play a pivotal role as being the decision maker it is their responsibility to sow the seeds of change and welcome it by both hands not only by words but also in action.A company might have all the resources which makes it feel that it has a global ingredients, but the same is not accepted unless it is accepted by the masses, which necessarily means the current crop of and future stakeholders.Organisational transformation calls for a lot of introspection as management going for wholesale changes without understanding the nuances and before looking back into the history sheet might land up with a distorted shape, size and scale.

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