Friday, February 29, 2008

Tools for Training Management Graduates

Case based, story telling, operation workout based,live project based, sitaution based, debate based,group discussion based, pre-text preparatory based, open book based, query based...........and many more.Contribute and lets learn together.

Monday, February 25, 2008

300 Not Out

Today I have reached a milestoone-My 300th article has been published in the Indian Express, Pune.I have written case studies, research papers, articles, conference for various national and international publications.I would be happy if you can comment on the same.Kindly mail me if you either want to see my list of articles or want to read any of the pieces.The objective is to disseminate knowledge at the lowest rung of the society so that inclusive growth becomes the order of the day. Knowledge divide has to be abolished and I am willing to do the same with likeminded persons. Come lets join together and make this dream a success in the overall interest of the human kind.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Need Analysis-Whose job is this?

Training need analysis if often used right, left and center.Whose job is this, by the way?The trainer, the trainee, or the both........................Often its the trainer, however, I feel the onus lies equally on the shoulder of the trainer-trainee duo, in addition to other stakeholders who can have a indirect or even direct impact of the training.It's therefore not so simple as one might comprehend.Training need analysis is more than what meets the eye

Post Training Followup

Post training is the most challenging part for the trainer, precisely because its like "out of sight, out of mind".It is here, where the trainer-trainee duo should leverage modern day communication technology to up the ante and be in constant touch with each other.It goes a long way in imbibing the takeaways being adopted and practised in the day to day life.As they say no communication, no developments, the same holds true even for a post training phase.

Homework before training

A trainer need to do some homework, guess what.................yes, they need to understand all the minutest details of the target audience,they need to understand the output from the exercise(from the audience's perspective),they need to know the grasping ability of the trainees,they need to comprehend the enviorns of training venue and more............................Post your comments so that we can continue
Happy Training

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Training Sweepers

Management Training for sweepers....................yes, its an absolute must through which he can improve his professional proficiency and expertise,more importantly understand the importance of time and other resource management.Get hold of the best sweeper you have ever seen and train him on management perspectives. The same can be done for unskilled or semiskilled lot of workers.For more contact me................


Training electronically might seem to be an ardous task, however, the biggest boon to happen in the last few years is training electronically, which also includes web based training.This takes care of bottlenecks like lack of trainer, allied resources, geographical constraints, thereby culminating in a global training platform.There are various tools which can be used to train people electronically and yes.........................technological contstraint is not a big challenge to as to understand the real importance of e-Training

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keywords for Training

Trainer,Trainee,Emphathetic, Emotionally and Intellectually Balanced, Training Need Analysis, Stress Interview,Domain training, Softskills training, training the trainer,log book for training follow up..............................and the list is endless, when it comes to imparting of training

You can add more and than we move into the next phase, which is exciting and challenging

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are an absolute must for Hard guys and girls. Hardness, mentally, physically are pre-requsities for any and every professional, however, what is important is to impart soft skills training with the right blending of domain know how and more importantly to make soft skills, an perennial learning tool, whatever may be the surrounding and situations.I know a lot about all these, lets kick start the discussion.Every one is invited and welcome.

Training for all-Generic Training

Can a trainer train anybody?Ideally no, now lets assume for a moment the globe needs generic training modules and delivery in topics of day to day importance and therefore importance is to be given to generic training.To know more lets talk...................

Friday, February 1, 2008

Training Students and Managers-Different or Similar

Is it similar or different to train professional managers and post graduate management students.They are different not in content, but yes in approach....................Approach of the trainer as well as the trainee is different, thereby the content delivery and preparation for the module has to be customized.

Know before you train

Knowing what to train, would you lead to how to train, which in turn would be the gateway to devising novel training provided the trainer is ready to go that extra mile and does the homework well.Most of the trainer have "one size fits all" theory, which doesn't augment the need of the target group, time and again