Saturday, March 29, 2008

Training senior managers

Training senior managers might seem to be easy as they possess hands on experience, it only a matter of mere facilitation on the part of the trainer. However, the reality is completely different.A trainer has to break many a ego and castles built on air by the senior management before imparting them training.This is what I had personally observed while training senior account and project managers in mid size IT companies.

Grooming Future Trainers

Grooming trainers for future is a challenging task.How can you know when does a trainee metamorphoses into a trainer?What are the indications of the same?Should he be upgraded as a trainer?How long should the handholding be done?A trainer should always try to mark those potential candidates who have the latent capabilities to upgrade as a trainer sometime in future and nurture them sequentially.There are amny other ways to do it.To know get in touch with me.

Measuring Training Takeaways

All training programs should have takeways for the trainees and importantly the trainees should be in a position to measure the same, and have the ability to apply the learnings in their professional life.If a trainer imparts training without any tangible and measurable takeaways, then inspite of he being an excellent trainer, he does not serve the purpose. How to measure...........takeaways, get in touch with me.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Training management teachers

How can management teachers be trained?They are managers themselves, they nurture and groom future managers, so how can one train management teachers?There are many ways through which one can train management teachers. They are as follows-
(1) Emphatizing, (2) Experience sharing,(3)Cracking the tough nut and various ways, (4)Brainstorming, (5) Focussed discussion and many more.
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overcoming training blues

Training blues are always a challenge for trainers and trainees, mainly those who are off the block for the first time. Like any other activities or profession, training blues can be overcome with sheer confidence, determination and courage which can be gathered through various means.These means has to be practiced so as to apply the same at any point of time.Know more from me....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Training and Tangibility

Training should always have a tangible result. Quite often training programs are conducted where millions of dollars are spent by organizations, without getting any tangible output, in the form of enhanced productivity, reduced attrition and the like.Few of the training programs do have such mecahnism in place which can quantify the training output.I can do it for all types of training.To know........................please get in touch

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Training for employment

Training has many objectives. The most challenging aspect of a trainer is to metamorphose unemployable graduates into employable ones. It calls for the right understanding on the part of the trainer, pertaining to the nitty-gritty of the trainees. Moreover it also calls for customized, novel training approaches commensurate with the audience. There are many ways to make any individual employable through training irrespective of his or her background. To know more, get in touch........................

Friday, March 21, 2008

Training in the aviation industry

Aviation industry being a services industry calls for need based, customer centric, result oriented training.This in turn requires the trainer to have a deep rooted approach, whereby interaction with various stakeholders in an absolute must.

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Training in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry in India has also witnessed rapid changes especially with the process patent era paving way to the product patent one. This has exponentially increased the competitions between the home grown Indian giants who till now used to thrive on reverse engineering to the multinationals having a wide range of reasearched molecules. Even though these product formulation and developmental strategies play a role, the more important part is customer realtionships which includes, chemists, stockists, doctors and patients.This in turn calls for a focussed customer/consumer specific training approaches and methodologies. To know more, catch me online..........................................

Insurance Training

Insurance sector is a booming one in the Indian circuit. The deregulation of the sector has brought to the fore many private players with increased competition and opportunities. In such a scenario, the importance to differentiate through products and services play a vital role. Products can be imitated easily, but it is difficult to copycate services especially if a company has made quaility customer service the backbone for differentiation.This in turn calls for imparting regular trainings on product development, customer service, client relationships etc. To know more get in touch with me....................

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Developing a culture of training

Organizations today are trying their level best to ingrain a culture where their employees are involved in training at every point in time.This means on job training plays a more proactive role than a typical classroom set up, which would culminate in the employees/trainees continuously on the look out of new learning tools, methodologies etc. so as to upgrade their skill-sets and also to become more productive for the organization.

A Training based organization

There are organizations today which are training based ones, that is they are into the knowledge and might also involve in imparting training to the clients, more than that these organizations attract and retain people solely on the basis of their continuous learning nature.However, there has been shifts observed when it comes to retaining good people only on the basis of training as the absence of monetary and other non-monetary motivators, it really does not work.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Whom to elevate as a trainer

Organizations looks outwards for a trainer.I feel a good organization should always look inwards to get the right person elevated as a trainer.Should one go by experience should it be a deep analysis of all the traits required to be a successful trainer?The latter is advisable mainly because one need to have a flair for training and more than that one has to have behavioural and professional traits required to be a trainer. So look in and not out...........

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Inhouse Vs External Trainers

Which is more effective and beneficial?To have a inhouse trainer or an external one.My experience and observations over the last decade says that one need to have a blend of both.While it is essential to have an inhouse trainer as it serves training all allied purposes 24x7x365, an external trainer is also required when there are certain "cutting the ice" mechanism required in the organization, which might not be possible for an in-house trainer.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anyone can be a trainer?

No, as training like teaching is a profession which requires fashion and flair.While you can develop the flair, passion is something which comes from within and is natural. You might start off training as someone is offering you a hefty,but over a period of time you are bound to loose out on the motivation, which would reflect the absence of passion.First understand whether you are passionate or not and then kickstart.After all money is not everything, satisfaction is more important for a person to enjoy a profession.

Versatile Trainers

Modern day trainers has to be versatile. Apart from having all the required traits of a trainer, he should also have past experience in one or more functional areas (marketing/hr/finance/operations etc.), men management, resource management skills.He should be a good orator and should also have very good professional writing skills. A trainer should know the nuances of mentoring, counselling and guiding, which makes him a complete trainer.

Training related administration

Training related administration is equally important as that of the actual training.Training related administration acts as enablers in a training session. Arranging training kits comprising of black/white/green boards, flip charts, LCD, Making the training room conducive are very important.The trainer might not do it on his own, but has to have idea so that he can accordingly guide the people involved in the process to put the right ambience in place which makes the overall experience a good one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Training as a retention tool

Can training be used as a tool to retain employees. Yes...but one has to maintain a balance with other aspects like work environment, organizational culture, attractive package etc. with good, effective and productive training, which are primarily need based.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Few of the interesting ones

Few of the interesting ones

Marketing Training

Are there any similarities between marketing and sales training?Yes.....No.......Hmm........can't say.There is defnitely a skeletal similarity between sales and marketing training, however there are differences in approaches as a trainer has to understand the fact the trainees are going to handle different assignments and situations, whereby there needs to be a fineline between the both.To know more----------get in touch with me.

HR Training

Can anyone compare sales training, marketing training with HR training?Yes, definitely one can provided one can exclude the HR aspects involved in sales and marketing training.One thing is for sure HR is indispensible today and along with marketing it has taken centerstage.An HR trainer has to have a diversified personality as his job is to train people so as to bring behavioural change, both physically and mentally................Know more from me............

Sales Training

Prerequisties for sales training is that the trainer should have worked in the sales function. Apart from this a trainer also has to possess very sharp observing skills whereby he can track any and evry approach of an individual from a selling perspective.Selling as a job might not be a respected one, but the amount of satisfaction a hardcore sales guy/gal gets after meeting or exceeding his/her target is something which can only be understood if you possess the necessary attributes to be a successful salesperson. But one thing is for sure-Sales teaches you a lot, which comes handy at every stage of your life- be it professional or person.To know more get in touch........Happy Selling

Friday, March 7, 2008

Demsytifying concepts

Can you demystify concepts of management in an way which can be understood by even an illiterate. I can try provided you are ready to let me know your opinion. It's a challenge worth giving a try as it would benefit the human kind at large.Send in your demystified management concepts to me and let us learn together and spread the management awareness to one and all

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Classroom Management

Classroom management is very vital while training budding managers/management graduates.The reason is the trainees come for attending a management session not to know the replica of books, rather they are always on the prowl to get value added stuff. If they get, they are happy and classroom management is easier, if not.......................guess what your preparation as a trainer decides your classroom management capabilities