Friday, May 16, 2008

Training to groom leaders

Leaders are born and not made or is it the other way round?I am of teh firm belief that leaders are made and not born. So who is responsible for making leaders?It's us as trainers who can not not only train them to understand the nuances of leadership but also motivate, counsel, mentor and handhold them till they realize their latent potential.Most of the leaders from across sectors or even diverse walks of life had someone or the other who acted as their trainer.Interestingly the training set up to groom leaders at most times happens in an informal setup more than that of the formal surroundings.It is here that a prospective candidate if sincere can pick up lot of threads finally culminating in becoming a leader.Some myths and misconceptions about leadership should be thrown out of the door before one decides to lead................know more from me.........

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