Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shifting from the Down-under to the Middle East

It was indeed to start my professional training and consultancy career in India, have a small stint in the gulf, enhance my skills in Australia and now I am back to the Middle East. The reason for this change is not difficult to find.I would like to get maximum exposure in the training and consultancy domain and voila, now when I sit back and go through my memories of training target audiences and consulting clients in three different parts of the world, I feel I am not only more informative, but I also possess a plethora of training and consulting tools.It is primarily because my first hand experience in grooming Indian trainees, in all parts of India, followed by my stint in the United Arab Emirates, subsequently in Australasia, followed by the Middle East again, albeit in a different country, has provided me new insights in management training and consultancy. As far as training is concerned, chalk and talk, white board only, simulation,blended learning approach, outdoor-indoor collaboration, domain-wise collaborative approach,learning by doing, case based training, operation workout and live projects based learning, soft-skills with hard skills approach, training through movies and videos to name a few has undergone a complete metamorphosis.This is because the same tool while applied in a different setting targetting different audiences calls for last minute changes and customization.However, these evolutionary approach not only gave me a refined tool, but also enabled me to have different variant of the same management training tool.
The same holds true even for management consultancy.

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