Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caterpillars in an Organization!

Are there caterpillars in an organization?Caterpillar is one which crawls and feed on leaves, insects etc. till they reach the next stage of their life-cycle. Organizational caterpillars are little different and have characteristics, which includes genotypic and phenotypic traits of a chameleon, a squirrel, a fox, apart from certain features of the caterpillar itself. They would always crawl in the organization, i.e. present a slow and low attitude, often adding sugar coated approach, be it presenting their opinion or take any stance. They would often be too courteous in presenting themselves amongst their peers, would be the ideal candidate to don the role of the organizational mole,changes colours like they change their clothes, would try to crawl to the closest level far as the relationship with the senior is concerned,go out of the way to gather information, spice up and present customized stuffs which are soothing to the superior's ears.They exude fake confidence to the superior,as they know, 'Yes to everything' approach pays very well as the right impression is created on the next person's mind.They however, lack the balancing approach needed and often heavily towards the superior. The crawling nature, keeps them in abeyance and protects them getting caught by their peers!They will always present a broad smile, often talk to a person by coming in close proximity, would extend small helps when a person is in dire need, gain their confidence so that they can dissiminate information crucial for his role and survival.Unlike caterpillars, they dont feed on leaves and insects, their staple diet consists of organziation's scoop which are then tailor made by the caterpillar himself/herself. They would present the information often in a sly manner, so that the person to whom it is presented do not realize that its a complaint and more than that he/she makes the right platform to leverage the same in future.

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