Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eight short of that magical 400............

I am on the verge of reaching the magical 400 publications. I am currently at 392 as the first and nineteenth page depicts I am really enjoying my writings be it a research paper, an article for a professional periodical, a daily, a magazine, a portal and the like.Mostly I try to present practical writings on the basis of my research and observation, however my case studies are the ones I experience first hand, be it the organization I work for or the clients I consult with. It gives me immense satisfaction in making my thoughts public, bot through the print and the electronic medium.These days writing is not only my favourite past-time, but has also metamorphosed into a thinking cap especially when I am discovering foreign lands. My writings recorded on the basis of the experiences I am encountering is providing me with new training and consulting tools, apart from solving many of my own challenges. In a nut shell writing is now my second love...first of course is shared by my better half and training cum consultancy!

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