Sunday, May 24, 2009

Handling Myopic Trainers

For almost a decade since I started my career as a training and consulting professional, I have witnessed some myopic attitudes on my fraternity people. This may be because of competition, however, one big reason which is primarily responsible for such behaviour is the feeling of insecurity. Trainers who are in the job full time, unlike their part time peers have abundant time which are generally used in activities which are highly dangerous from their professional perspective. This may not be true for industrial trainers, however it is clearly visible amongst the tribe of academic trainers.Instead of focussing on self development, by gathering new insights in their domain area, they initiate the process of comparing self with their peers and try to guaze the output from the reaction of the target audience. If the trainees are more close to one trainer, the other starts to develop a inferiority complex culminating in a cascade affect which can not only be detrimental to him, but can also spoil the surrounding.The best way to handle such peers is to avoid their nuisance and instead focus on self development, as sooner, than later they would realize that it is indeed the empty vessels which makes most of the sounds.

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