Monday, May 18, 2009

The Fun of Simplifying Management Learning

I am realizing the fun of simplifying management and learnings pertaining to business studies once after taking up my assignment over here. The art of simplifying things is the most challenging for any professional, and I am no exception. However, I should be candid in admitting that its giving me new dimensions to teach and train wannabe professionals.Moreover, the thinking cap to simply things often enables me to come out novel training methodologies which I may not have contemplated if I would have been teaching elsewhere. The objective in this new found love is twofold-On one hand I have to simplify knowledge and on the other I have to see to it that it reaches to the poorest of the receiver, as far as my target audience is concerned.Its also like putting an old wine in a new bottle, as old concepts present for years and taught to the students and trainees for ages are now being presented with a new covering, new labelling, new size, shape and approaches. I should admit that I am relishing my new challenge as it is making my handle a different audience altogether, hitherto not touched in my professional training and consulting career.

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