Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fun of Teaching a New Subject

I am indeed enjoying teaching a new subjects to the students of Business Studies. The subject, Job Search Techniques is a novel one especially when one considers the importance of such subjects for the people on the threshold of kickstarting their careers.Most of the time it has been observed that a person is recruited for a wrong job only because he applied for a wrong one. This ultimately boils down to choosing the right employer, adopting the right technique to reach out to the employer, grooming self commensurate with the need of the employer, fine-tunning the personality traits so as to match the requirement of the prospective employer and the like. This subject may sound silly,however the importance of the subject is felt by the students only after they start to reach out to the industries while on the verge of completion of their degrees, diplomas and certificates. The subject being taught to the students of engineering, business and IT, makes it more interesting as the audience comprises of a mixed gathering, that however, calls for a better preparation on the part of the trainer as illustrations, examples, caselets and situations to be discussed in the session should have a blend of all the disciplines.Moreover, the subject has more practical significance, than theoritical value and it is therefore important to put the students through the process where one is able to experience in a simulated environment, be it a group discussion, an interview or a workplace orientation.

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