Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABCD of Management Training

Independence in making the training materials is a big plus for the trainers. For they know what to include, what to exclude, what to illustrate, what to corroborate, what to present in language, what to present in graphics and the like.It is indeed a blessing if a trainer gets an opportunity to hand pick contents for his training sessions, starting from the actual contents, their sources, personalization and adaptation strategies to be adopted, simplication of the contents and to which extent,presentations of the manual(soft or the hard form or even both),the delivery plan, session and lesson plan, activities etc. This would provide the sync needed to make the training more effective from the perspective of the trainees. However, providing complete independence sans any responsibilties, authorities, that too without periodic monitoring especially in a system which is more public, than private, calls for checks and balances. Absence of these filters makes the training system a polluted one as everyone tries to put forth his/her own expertise, thereby hampering the interest of the end-user.

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