Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oman.....A Tourist Destination Par Excellance

This blog is one on management training and consultancy and therefore all the posts have some or the other, direct or indirect linkage with the main theme, i.e. management, either for trainers,for consultants or for both.This post is a little different though.This one throws light on yours truly analyzing destination Oman as a spot for travel and tourism.Although, I am not an expert on analyzing the industry in detail, my analysis, partly as a customer(read tourist), partly as a consultant would definitely throw some light on few of the major attractions the Sultanate has to offer to all tourists, visiting from within the country,coming from the GCC region or from other parts of the world. In the last one year, I have travelled to places like Sur, Muscat city, Salalah, Nizwa Fort to name few. All these places are unique in their own way, for example, Muscat(view, the capital of the Sultanate is the perfect blend of modernity with a strong affiliation with the rich Omani culture.Nizwa fort(view presents the ancient details to a nicety.One is compelled to recall and activate his/her grey cells so as to remember the history lessons learnt during the school days, which are depicted in such a unique manner, in the interiors of the fort. Sur, showcases the age old boating industry where Sultanate once reigned supreme.The boat museum presenting ancient boats is worth going down the memory lane.One simply cannot resist admiring the expertise of the Omanis in making the best boats in the world during those ancient days, when technology was totally absent.Add to it the natural landscape where mountains and sea converge and one can get a delight which a connoisseur can only dream in his wild imagination.Off late, in fact yesterday, I arrived from Salalah(view, the destination of its kind in the whole of the Middle East.Its awesome to visit that place even during the off season and yours truly was wondering what would have been the case during the season, i.e. when the Khareef festival sets in, and everything in a desert is having a greenish tinge and touch!The mountains kissing the sea, caves surrounded by natural springs,the clouds touching your face in the mountain top, the caravan of camels, the puff of sheesha, zero gravity point where your vehicle moves on its own even when in neutral and brought to complete halt(view,Al Baleed archaeological park(one of the few sites in the prestigious United Nations Heritage list) the warm hospitality of Omanis to mention are some of the highlights that makes this blessed nation memorable to one and all. The broad roads, connectivity by land and air,strong law and order enforcing authorities, coupled with a wide offering for the travel and tourism freaks, makes it a real Ecstasy for all the stakeholders involved in this industry.

Hats off to His Majesty, The Sultan and his vision that transformed this country within a short span of 39 years!!!

I would be happy to help you out in any form whatsoever, so as to discover this excellent country.

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