Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My 444th publication-A Case Study on MJFIL

The 444th publication happened to be a case study on Mohanlal Jangid Financial Investments Limited(MJFIL),a Nagpur, Maharashtra,and India based investment consultancy firm.At a time when people all across the globe are sceptical about investments in the stock market,especially after burning their fingers in the year old recession caused by investment bankers like Lehman Brothers to name one, MJFIL have shown many a novel business practices where profits are blended with ethics in such a manner that the end-user or rather all the stakeholders are relieved from all the unnecessary tensions attached to the world of investments.On the top of it, the customer service practices initiated by MJFIL should be a benchmark for all companies, private or public, Indian or Multi-national, while trying to bring in the confidence of the retail investors. It is because of the amount of the integrity, diligence and care shown by the company, that it proves beyond doubt the fact that for MJFIL, customer is always at the epicenter in all their endeavours.That, MJFIL happens to be the investment consultant for yours truly coupled with a time tested relationship being shared with the top boss of the company, Mr. Mohanlal Jangid acts an added incentive. Therefore, one can safely say that the information are coming out from the top brass of the company, happens to be from the horses mouth,without any questions of their validity and authenticity whatsoever.It was my first hand experience and detailed observations of all the staff including the top management, their business processes and practices, the solidness attached to the business model itself which provoked me to write this case study as many of these can quite easily be customized and leveraged by other organizations from same or different sectors, benefitting a bigger audience globally.
This case study is published in the reputed Marketing Management Magazine,Marketing Mastermind,December 2009 issue, published by Icfai University Press, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India,



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