Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Mover Advantage for Employees

First mover advantage is known to be a strategic advantage for the marketers so as corner market shares from their rivals. The same holds true for individual employees working in an organization, since inception or since the initial few years.The personal experience of yours truly, along with the experiences observed in some of the colleagues in other organizations revealed so.The employees joining during the formative years of the company gets into the corporate nerve and understand all the processes and systems to an extend that they become indispensible for the higher ups.In such cases two of the following consequences were noted by yours truly-One the top notch performers elevated to the top rung to manage the show once the enterprise expands and two some of the other peers, sans the leadership skills are given more prestige, honour and value especially by the new staff as the latter thinks the former would be instrumental in the career progression of the new staff, owing to his/her alleigiance to the top bosses, mainly due to his/her seniority in the company.In such cases if the company does not have a good working culture, the seniority and issues related to their experience in that company goes into their head and they start to show off their hegemonistic attitude and designs, thereby throwing tantrums to the new joiners. These so called old pros are retaining their seat mainly because they are now the proverbial jacks, with an all around ability to work across functions in the organization.However, when it comes to grooming the new joiners on the same lines, they generally show a lackasidiacal approach fearing lossoing their grip in the organization.They will generally avoid or dislike any newcomers moving up the learning curve fast and therefore try all methods possible to bring them down, culminating in maintaining their status-quo and firm grip on the decision makers.

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