Sunday, December 20, 2009

The safest professions during recessions and slowdowns

Almost all the professions are prone to slowdown, recession or even a depression.However, there are certain professions which are either remaining unscathed completely or are partially impacted by these economic and market turbulence. There are a section of professionals just out of the recently concluded recession, or yet to conclude slowdown, since the great depression, who thinks about the so called protected professions during the time of slowdown, recession or depression.This sense of belief has led many a professional turn to these selected band of professions either by switching their career graph or by acquiring a new set of educational degrees or diplomas. Grapevine knowledge would point out to professions like teaching, healthcare, utility services to be those dreamt ones which may remain unmoved even by the mightiest economic turbulence.This is more of a wishful thinking as professionals representing these industries are getting affected intangibly(in a networked economy) as their respective employers are finding novel ways to reduce their expenses, which at times indirectly lead to forced or voluntary resignation en-masse.The ones who leave behind their lucrative professions for these selected band so as to make themselves immune against the market forces realizes that they were involved in a hara-kiri or one which is shortlived. These chopping and changing also allow the employers to segregate the genuine ones from the opportunist and thereby reward those who had weathered the storms even when the going was tough.It is therefore fool hardy to think that some professions are immune to recession/slowdown/depression.The actual happening is market driven, irrespective of the sector one is in.Its time for the common sense to sink in.

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