Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate Change Summit at Copenhagen

Copenhagen climate change summit has been built up with much fanfare as if there is no tommorrow.Accepted the fact that, the climate is witnessing a free fall in light of the frequent catastrophes like Tsunami, earthquakes,floods, heavy downpour, landslides, melting of glaciers etc. I am unable to understand the fact where was this concern some 10, 20 or even 30 years back when the so called industrialized nations had been on a rampage under the garb of industrialization?Now, when the alarming bells have started ringing, they have only the emerging nations to blame, that too for those economic steps forward which are directly related to the welfare of their citizens, i.e. a chunk of the world's population. It is time when countries like India and China should avoid taking an unilateral stance as that would enable the so called developed economies to continue with their hegemonistic design in all global affairs. The world is watching with a bated breath what is going to emanatevfrom the Copenhagen summit and believe me yours truly knows very well at the end its going to be a deadlock.WTO met the same fate time and again, and unless the discriminatory policies of the west are amended, its going to be a difficult proposition for the world at large to come on a single page.India and China have made their stands on emission cuts in the next decade or so, however, the moot question still remains-Is it going to be a dampener in their developmental curve?Is it another way by the west to block the rising clout of emerging nations, notably the ones from Asia?Many questions directly and indirectly still remains unanswered, only time will tell, what are the hidden motives behind such policies.
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Unknown said...

My prediction turned out to be correct as the climate change discussion is heading towards a deadlock over the changed perspectives by Africa and more specifically by G-77 and developed nations over the Kyoto protocol.Most of the global discussions be it CTBT, NPT, Climate Change, save the one on handling the just receeding forum on recession were all wastage of time, money and other resources as there is still a lot of time left before the developed nations can understand the ground realities of the developing and emerging nations.These impasse and imbroglio on global issues would never converge as the world is not ready to sacrifice their own interests for the world at large.