Friday, December 11, 2009

Barack Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama has finally received the coveted award after lot of hue and cry all across the globe, some favouring the decision of the committee, some against it. My personal perspective is that the yardstick to zero into the most suitable candidate for the prestigious award has undergone a subtle change.If one compares the past receiver with Obama, one can safely say that they were awarded after they proved themselves, whereas Obama is being awarded surrounding his much hyped selection as the US president along with the accompanied hoopla around his peace efforts all across the world. If one tries to dissect the alterations made by Obama in his global strategies since his name was disclosed for this award, one would not find strong evidences of peace.The Middle East peace process is still in a turmoil, Iran and Korea are being handled in a piece-meal fashion, Af-Pak policies are finalized without keeping in mind the sufferings and after-affects on the common citizens there, who are being massacared, right, left and center, Indo-Pak peace efforts are not being fuelled by stimulating both the parties to part ways with their hitherto violent policies, Taiwan-China dialogue is in a limbo, where the former is at the mercy of the later and so forth.The progress report indicates that even after the prize being awarded on the basis of a new model of future expectations, rather than past efforts, there is no perceptible changes in the US policy so as to make this earth a peaceful one. In such a sceanrio one should debate the basis of the men in Oslo, who were responsible for naming the US president. Moreover, Obama after receiving the award while comparing with his heroes, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, made a statement which may not have made his heroes happier either.To quote him "We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth,We will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. There will be times when nations — acting individually or in concert — will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified." (Source- only shows that his peace efforts would not be a purely peace based ones like his predecessors,rather they would be blended with a reciepe of war and peace.Will this approach bring in real peace or the peace achieved would be momentary is a question to pondered upon. The onus lies on the American president and his whole-sale changes in his efforts in reaching out for a long lasting global peace which effectively means changing the US stance altogether in certain issues, for which in turn he may have to face the wrath in his home turf. Does he have the willingness, does he have the guts to go that extra mile, does he want to be one at par with Gandhi and King, only time will tell!

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