Monday, December 14, 2009

Managing Hidden and Well Disguised Animosity

People often complaint about hidden undercurrents and animosity which are often invisible to a rank outsider and one who is unwilling to involve and immerse self in the nuances of the human relations.This is bound to happen in the personal and professional sphere and therfore such happenings at the workplace are no exceptions, rather they are routine. It depends upon the individual as to how he/she can manage these challenges without vitiating the environment and more importantly going unscathed.The first important thing to keep in mind during these trying situations is to shed even the slighest amount of ego one may have and then allow one to imbibe maximum learning from every encounters, so that he is richer with experiences.Keeping a neutral stance and open attitude not only helps maintaining the relationships, but also contributes in a very big way towards the developmental curve of the individual concerned, not to mention the positive impact on the working environment.It is however, easier said than done as many people during these trying situations takes up fights, clashes or simply surrenders meekly by giving way to the undercurrents.For such individual, either it is the sense of false ego or the absence of managing relationships which act as a dampner.
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