Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Managing indisciplined peers

Peer management had always been a topic of debate.This play a vital role not only in ensuring that the organizational harmony, but also because, a healthy spirit and competition is maintained in the overall interests of the individual employees and also the organization as a whole. It always becomes a catch 22 situation for employees when they are to walk a tight rope especially if their peer's personality, behaviour and attitude are as different as chalk and cheese.Although this may be a normal thing, taking into consideration the personality traits which every individual presents, however, the contrast is also visible even when homogeneous groups on the basis of common likings, seating plan, department functioning,peer learning in a group is observed.Yours truly is privy to one such happenings off-late whereby the group of a four after coming together as an informal group, based on individual requirements and to an extent organizational need often are at loggerheads either mentally or physically.The mental discomfort is more than the physical unease, primaraly because, the individual concerned have smaller sub-groups even within that single group based on their values, faiths, seniority etc.This classification further fuels intragroup conflict as there are disaggreements amongst the opinion on personal and professional issues.Moreover, the diversity in the personality traits of all the members within the group catalyzes these unrest even more.An introvert within the group has to encounter an extrovert and vice-versa.In such a situation individuals concerned often ask themselves, do they need to alter their persona, especially their major characteristics while in the group or they need to maintain the status-quo thinking that it is only a momentary phase.Joking and making fun of the other members at the cost of ones sentiments and emotions often rattle members which may lead to a slow unrest within the subgroups, the group and then gradually spreading into the organization.How to arrest the pollution of the working environment in such a scenario is a million dollar question?

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