Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Employees need empathy or sympathy?

Modern day organizations spanning across industries have realized the importance of human capital. The companies both from the private and some selective public sector players are going out of the way to woo, cajole and pamper them with freebies, add-ons, novel perks and fringe benefits. In spite of all these novel motivational tools why do most of the companies in the emerging market witness high attrition rate.Employees need that human touch in all the endeavours as a chunk of their duration almost five days a week are spent in the workplace.Presuming that the employer can ride piggy of the pay packet along with other perquisites so as to motivate their flock of employees is nothing short of wishful thinking.The employees doesn't want even sympathy from the employer.What builds the trust culminating in a reliable relationship between the employer-employee duo is to empathize with each other. On one hand the employer should put self into the shoes of the employees and vice-versa so as to resolve indifference existing in their relationship.This aspect can be incorporated into the relationship chemistry over a period of time as sudden transition would not work out.Confidence building measures mainly by the employer starting from the day of the joining of the employee, taking a personalized approach, rather than one size fits all approach so as resolve issues would go a long way in being emphatic towards each other.Once the employees realizes the sincerity of the approach by the employer, they would definitely go that extra mile and consider the organization is their own and they are a well knit family in the true sense.

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