Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pseudo Multi Tasking- A lurking danger for organizations

The corporate world all over prefers to have multi-taskers in their roll.The need for such proverbial jack increases manifold in light of the turbulence witnessed by the American economy to start of, followed by the cascading impact it had on the European economy and rest of the world.There are professionals though whom yours truly would refer as pseudo multi-tasker, i.e. one who tries to be a multi-tasker, but fears backlash after a failure.Their characteristics would entail poking into cross-functional domains simply on the basis of the rudimentary knowledge they possess, courtesy their above average or sometimes excellent command on verbal and written English or any other communication skills. They assume that a multi-tasker's job is completed only if he knows how to communicate and understand the skeletal concepts of a subjects. Such pseudo multi-tasker's or self proclaimed master of one domain are indeed a big blot in the organizational structure.They are always in the look out to malign their peers, subordinates or even seniors on the basis of their limited knowledge of a function or they would always try to bully around those who may be a tad inferior in terms of communication, but extremely competent when it comes to their core area.Such pseudo multi-tasker may have professional efficiency in their chosen field,however, it is their habit of adulterating the working environment, which may result in having a negative on the overall organizational fabric of an organization.They should either be handled with a superior who is more agile and smart possessing excellent cross-functional knowledge or should be probed extensively while putting on fast job rotation policies. This may be a blessing in disguise as the concerned employee would be able to get away from the heavy head weight he or she is carrying and would also enable him or her to know his exact role in a dynamic organization.

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