Sunday, July 5, 2009

Management by Confusion

One has heard about Management by Objective, Management by Exception,but Management by Confusion may be an eye-opener for you. It happened to be one of my colleague having industrial experience with behemoths like Penzoil, Gulf Oil, and now a renowned academic administrator in the Indian subcontinent,who have coined the word Management by Confusion.Although I wasn't ready to toe the line of his, he tried his best to convince me about this new found concept.
I pondered later on over the same and tried to observe him from close quarters so as to decipher the actual meaning of the concept.Partially I was successful in understanding the concept,and it was all about confusing everyone around to get the work done.After that I tried to cross check my findings, but he denied that the concept had nothing unethical in it,then creating confusion is out of question!Creating confusion to get the work done cannot be ethical for sure.My hypothesis is still being tested and I welcome you to join the discussion and post your comments on this new concept and its applicability in a real life scenario, ofcourse ethically.


Unknown said...

Sir Management by confusion i think will lead to lot of grapevine inside the organisation and most of the time the person who is creating the confusion will have to spent his time and resources to hadle the confusion.
Please do revert me your views on it.

Unknown said...

Thats true, I toe your line, as the founder himself had an objective of converting his strategy of MBC into a grapevine and serve some vested interests.However, I am yet to explore how it can add value to the organization constructively!