Friday, July 3, 2009

Corporate Glass Ceiling is easy to handle if.....

Corporate glass ceiling may not be a burning issue anymore with so many women leading different Fortune companies globally.However, the reality is far from the truth. The truth is that corporate glass ceiling still exists and has taken different shapes and nomenclature.It may be related to the harrassment of women in the workplace, physically,verbally or otherwise.The best way to manage such problems emanating from the society and visible at the workplace is to do away with the evil practices of the so called developed economies. Too much of openess in those nations have enabled the glass ceiling effect to undergo a metamorphosis and alter its name, meaning and activities therein.The solution for minimising such bad practices is to take the learnings from many Middle Eastern nations where the women are treated with respect, not only at the workplace, but also in the society.The concept is something which can provide readymade solutions globally, provided the sense of respect is culminated in the society, and then percolated into the organizations. This would reduce employee grievances especially those belonging to the weaker sex, and the organizations and the nations as a whole can grow together. The advanatges which can be provided to the world at large is amazing as the inherent strengths of women can very well compliment with that of the men, resulting in finding solution to even the most challenging propositions.

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