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DTDC-Unethical Logistics Company in India, leader in Unethical Business Practices

DTDC is a familiar name in the logistics business landscape of India and is indeed a leader in the sector. However, the leadership position achieved over the years, has led to the rank and file of the company getting laid back and adopting all possible means of unethical business practices, for their own comfort level to be maintained at every point in time. In the process, everything else is a priority for the company, be it the convenience of the employees in accepting and delivering consignments, while customer satisfaction by providing the bare minimum level of services, expected of a logistics company is totally absent on the part of the company. To add to that, they put fictitious status of consignments in their tracking window, present in the company website. Furthermore, the company is non-responsive in most of their numbers and also hardly bother to respond to the emails sent by the customer and surprisingly some of the email id's present in the website are actually non-existent, culminating in the mails getting bounced. But, being the only leading name in the economical segment of the Indian market (DHL and Blue Dart are a tad expensive and caters to a different segment), they are successfully running their business, against the other run of the mill courier and cargo competitors.

Witness the following incident, so as to know where DTDC actually stands. Yours truly sent a courier on the 13th of August 2016 from Agartala to Kolkata, consisting of some important documents. The courier did not reach the destination till 19th afternoon. A dejected customer sent at least seven emails to different id's in their corporate office, Mumbai and also in Kolkata, which happened to be the destination of the consignment. While three emails failed, as the id's no more existed, others were not answered till this blog was being written. The sender and the receiver were frantically looking for the whereabouts of the consignment, when they decided to track the same in the website of the company,, and was taken aback to note the message shown below.


The reality was that the message was not received by the receiver, and therefore, the person concerned called up their local office in that part of Kolkata, and for once, ironically, the call was taken and whole episode was presented to the company officials on the 19th of August 2016. The company official's response were even worse, they said they could not deliver the consignment on 17th of August 2016, as it was raining heavily, whereas, in the website it was mentioned that it has been delivered. Moreover, the company officials also wrote in the record it has been received by the receiver's dad, but, the reality was that the dad never stayed with the receiver in that address. This is how DTDC cooks up their own stories, by leveraging technology. Apparently, it seems, technology is a bane for such a company and their real intention becomes clear to the stakeholders, when they try to adopt unethical business practices. Even after all these developments, the company did not even bother to call up the receiver to inform about the incident and apologize, unless, the receiver himself called up, to explain the harrowing experience in detail. After paying INR 110, for the consignment on the 13th of August 2016, it did not reach the receiver till the afternoon of 19th of August 2016, which in itself tells everything about the logistics company, the so called leader, DTDC in the Indian market. The sender also tried to contact the top management of the company, but there were no email id's and contact numbers present in the company website. Everything is opaque and not transparent, when it comes to business dealings and corporate communications. Even the threat of approaching the consumer court written in the emailed complaint did not elicit any response from DTDC, showing their damn care attitude towards the customers. Where is India heading when such companies are the leaders in the logistics space? When will ethical business sense prevail on the part of the Indian companies indulging in such unethical business practices? It is indeed shameful for the company executives to learn about the incident and more so when there is no apology and compensation for the wrong doing on the part of the company. Next time you think of DTDC, think again. After the customer sweated it out by making continuous calls, spending his own money and time, Malay Mridha (snap attached below, while he came to deliver the consignment) delivered the consignment just a few minutes back, devoid of any apologies and compensation.

Email sent to DTDC all over the world, including India-

Dear DTDCians,


It is indeed shameful to be a stakeholder for an unethical company like DTDC, which is nothing more than a fictitious entity. The company has built its brand name in the market, only to earn revenues the unethical way. 

For further details refer to the link below and see the attachment as well. I am sure, it might have reached the top bosses of DTDC, viz. Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty, Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Mr. Suresh Bansal, Ms. Arpita Chakraborty Mittra and Mrs. Tapasi Chakraborty. In fact, I am feeling bad that coincidentally, I too share the same surname like that of the company top management.

I intend to make it a complete case study and publish in international publications and also approach the consumer court and ministry of commerce and ministry of company affairs, government of India, so that, innocent customers are not duped anymore.

The link of the blog detailing the incident is as follows-

On the contrary DTDC can learn the best practices in Business from other companies, which is present in blog below-

Response from the Chairman and Managing Director of DTDC-

Dear Dr. Chakraborty ,

It is indeed a matter of shame for me as a leader of this organisation to read this mail and the content . I am now in Australia and taking the next flight to Kolkata and will personally investigate this case . Looks to me delivery person wrongly updated the tracking and we will go bottom of this case . 

I am extremely sorry and tendering my unconditional apology and I take the responsibly as head of this organisation . Please allow me some time till I reach Kolkata . I have now tried your India number but it’s not available at this time of the day .
Subhasish Chakraborty
Chairman & Managing Director
DTDC Express Ltd.
DTDC House, #3, Victoria Road
Bangalore _ 560 047, India

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