Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simplifying Management Training-A challenge?

Simplifying management training in a way so as to reach an audience who aren't aware about the basics of the subject, apart from not knowing good english is indeed a very difficult proposition.That too the challenge increases manifold, once you get to know that you cant even reach out to the target audience via vernacular medium as you aren't familiar with the vernacular the audience knows and vice-versa.The best way out in such a case is to substitute jargons and complicated words with simple easy to understand phrases, illustrations and examples.Techniques like role play, simulation also proves to be effective in such a scenario.The other tools which really helps are substituting difficult words with synonyms, exaplaining concepts by relating with day to day examples and the like.
However, I should admit the fact that this exposure is making me understand the essence of simplicity.Moreover to scale down to a level, which one may not have imagined earlier, especially while training students and executives, makes the process fun filled!
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