Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fanatical moves in the business world….Be cautious before your business reacts-proactively or reactively!

Fanatical moves are being made by global corporations. The rumour mongering that the present slowdown would be second in the list after the great depression if not more penetrative gas started to send most of the corporate executives, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses react abnormally. School of thoughts emanating cites instances of Tech Mahindra over quoting Satyam, Japan and France along with Germany protecting the automobile sector by doling out car-substitution plans, G-20 showing a united developed and emerging nations fighting tooth and nail against the meltdown, Nano creating a flutter in the otherwise depressed global automotive markets, albeit with a concern in the mind of the Kyoto protocol supporters, innovation in ideating fiscal stimulus, precision of identifying toxic assets and gunning them down and so forth.

It’s often seen that a chunk of the people reacts simply to the rumour and initiates steps which are uncalled for. The moment may be alarming; however it also provides opportunity to look for a new segment, to reorganize the business model, to recheck the product portfolio and so on. It calls for thorough introspection as the dynamics in the environment should be treated differently by different business houses and individuals. One size fits all even during a slowdown would tantamount to following a bandwagon blindly.

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