Friday, April 10, 2009

Different Training Inputs and techniques during meltdown?

Contingencies calls for out of the box thinking commensurate with the happenings. While the panic of recession is catching up with the global audience, the aftereffects being felt,it is time for the trainers, notably the ones representing my tribe (read-management and soft skills trainers)to do some changes in their training content, delivery, tools and techniques used. A thorough soul searching so as to know the roots of the current slowdown the global economy is witnessing, would pinpoint towards the aspect of unethical business practices, greed, temptation to achieve astronomical sales and revenue figures so as to create the much needed difference in the market place, have instead gone awary! The bubble ultimately gave in!Behemoths like Lehman brothers, Freddie Mac, Frannie Mae, American International Group to name a few have experienced instances which neither their founding fathers, nor the honest stakeholders would have ever imagined.

In such situations it is imperative to touch upon these aspects while training the audiences, be it the management scholar, MBA student or the corporate executive so that they understand their domain perspectives from the cause and effect point of view.The ideal blend is necessary so the trainers need to intertwin their contents with the cause and fallout of the event, cited to be the biggest since the depression the world witnessed in the thirties.

Know more from me about such training techniques and tools.


Unknown said...

Interesting observation Mani.. i put forth a proposal of 3 new ways of training delivery to my boss the other day (somethin more than the run of mill classroom programs) but he shot them down. We still don't realise the importance of innovative learning in the particular environment..

Unknown said...

Thanks friend!I appreciate your usage of different prisms, as extraordinary times calls for out of the box thinkng.You shouldn't be disheartened with the fact that your senior didnt support your novel training approach.Take him/her into confidence,explain the pros and cons of your moves so that he can see tangible benefits coming out of the same.

If your senior is having myopic approach, ask him to broaden his prism.

All the best!Keep posting.