Thursday, December 4, 2008

Training on role-model development

Role model development is important for every individual.Every one be it man or woman, young or old try to idolise someone or other during their life cycle. Idolising may be a conscious or a sub-conscious process depending upon the person.It may also happen that a single individual would pick up threads from different individual who are successful in their own lives and customize their strengths to suit his or her own need. I happen to meet one of my role model, the famed cricketer turned commentator, Wasim Akram while travelling to Dubai.Coincidentally we travelled in the same emirates flight and I could see him first hand............which was a sort of dream come true.I admired the cricketer not because I am a cricket buff, but because of his qualities like excellent work ethic, highly professional during the working hours and friendly during the lesiure time,competitive spirit, fire in the belly, never say die attitude, up when the chips are down, handling health problems and many more personality traits . I may not be a cricketer like him, however his successful behavioural traits have provided me lot of insights to move up the hierarchy as far as my own profession as a management trainer and consultant is concerned.Similarly, I look towards personalities like Steven Covey for his writing and thinking skills, Sachin Tendulkar for his professional apetite to succeed even after putting in two decades of rigorous international cricket, Mahatma Gandhi for his devotion, dedication and perserevance shown towards a cause....and few more eminent people from diverse fields.These people or should I refer them as stalwarts often provide me with readymade solutions to many queries which are either difficult to answer or complicated to comprehend.
Its important for all concerned to develop a set of role models who can provide motivation and roadmap inorder to succeed in ones professional and personal life.
To know the tricks of the right identification, assimilation and implementation of a role models behaviour in ones yours truly.

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