Monday, December 1, 2008

Understanding the worldclass Dubai Model

I have tried to understand and analyze the unqiue Dubai model, which has catapulted the destination from nowhere into a famous shopping and tourism spot. All my last five visits including the latest one in November 08 made me realize the sincerity with which the administrators and citizens including the expatriates have contributed towards achieving this goal.Unlike many other GCC countries who sort of try to intertwin the business model around the petroleum sector, Dubai has hovered everything around travel and tourism by putting in place landmarks like the Dubai Mall(biggest mall in the world),Burj-Al-Arab(State-of-the art Worlds first seven star hotel),Burj tower(tallest tower in the planet) and a host of shopping malls, hotels and other places of entertainment, recreation which draw tourists and business travellers from all across.An event like the Dubai shopping festival is known to all shopping geeks all over the world.The concept of integrated management where everyone is having defined roles and responsibilities with a demarcated deadline and sincere work ethic looks to be the success formula.The credit goes to all the stakeholders, and emerging economies like India in particular can draw lot of lessons from their middle-east neighbour, who have created a hub out of sand.Hats off to you.......Dubai.Indeed a case study which can be discussed not only with the management students, but also with national administrators who are responsible for building models of their respective nations.

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