Saturday, December 6, 2008

Management perspective to a menace

Terrorism is a global problem cutting across nations, religions, faiths and threatning the very survival of the human kind.Why has this problem surfaced? Is this a management problem and what could be the possible ways of tackle it?Can force be the only remedy or it has to be a mix and match of all other tools available at the disposal of every global citizen? Lot of questions without direct, readymade answers.India had been a victim since ages and its only in the last few years, the global peers has understood the challenges and hardships encountered by this big democracy. I am neither a security analyst, nor a government administrator, however, being a management trainer and consultant I can see this problem as a management problem happening in organizations and industries, albeit having a bigger magnitude and ramification. In my perspective, there is no quick fix solution to this menace, and it has to be dealt with a multipronged strategy.On one hand special groups need to understand the grievances of those who have adopted this path after leaving the mainstream, on the other hand full proof, impregnable secruity measures should be put in place so that loss of innocent life and property is averted. Sounds pretty easy, but I know its very difficult and challenging. What is needed is a concerted effort by all the nations-the ones badly affected, the ones moderately affected and the ones not yet affected.The ones not yet affected may feel that they can stay away from such forums, but believe me its like a malignant tumour which can pass on the body through the arteries, veins, body fluids, which in this case would be a globalized set up.Its time when we join hands irrespective of our ethnicity, caste, creed and religion to enable our friends shun violence and come back to the mainstream, by understanding them and at the same time collaborate for global measures which enhances the security of the mankind. If we can fight dreaded killer like AIDS and other epidemic and pandemic,we can also deal with this menace provided we are sincere towards the cause.

From an Indian erspective,I propose some moves which can be analyzed by the decision makers including all the citizens, NRI, PIO etc. to check for their viability, applicability and do an impact analysis before actually taking it forward.India has to have a team comprising of experts from different fields like psychology, human behaviour and relationship development, religous experts from different faiths but with the objective of understanding and solving the problem on a win-win basis, empathetic common citizens understanding every other fellow citizen's problem, and try to solve their problems if possible, but refrain from aggravating by making wrong statements and moves.........and more importantly creating a national terrorism fund, where every citizen pay at least INR 1 every day which goes to the a team of professional terrorism managers, located in a central hub.The corpous would be collected on a daily basis and put into a special account from where the amount is to be disbursed periodically on a need basis for welfare measures, and security purpose.The details of spending would be made public through print and electronic media on a fortnightly basis so that everyone knows what is being done to weed out terrorism and more importantly whether the finances are being optimally used or not?
Whats you take on this?

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