Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Training for Building Business Relationships

Training as a relationship building tool is yet to be leveraged to the fullest extent.In order to bridge relationships between trainer and trainee, which in turn should pay-off in the long run, one has to understand that such processes would only be viable if at all there is a need for sutainable relationship. In such cases a typical class room delivery might act as a kicking off exercise, however, long term relationship building between the trainer-trainee duo would only be possible, if there is an on the job interface as it would ensure the trainer passing on the requsite traits to the trainee and at the same time build that long lasting relationship required for business functioning.

These types of relationship can work only in industries/sectors or companies which needs continuous interactions between the trainer and the trainee. Few examples could be banking, life insurance, financial services, aviation etc. i.e. notably service sector players.

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