Friday, February 11, 2011

Muscat Festival-2011

Muscat festival-2011 being underway is a gala event organized in the capital city of the beautiful country, the Sultanate of Oman.An annual event it's a blend of art, literature, handicrafts, culture and heritage of a galaxy of nations from all over the world.The confluence of so many nations, coupled with the fun-filled environs of the celebrations makes it a grand place for family and friends to meet, greet and learn as well.Yours truly along with a pal joined the celebrations and trust me the lazer show, the musical fountains and the light show were great stuff.However, what caught the attention was the education being provided to all on the fall-out of drug abuse, along with the cultural shows being presented by the artists of different countries.The traditional Russian dance and the Omani dance were absolute delight to the eyes.The arrangements were absolutely perfect and kudos to the organizers for the same.Some of the snaps can be seen from

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