Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony

Size doesn't matter, the attitude matters!Yours truly was stunned after seeing the fabulous ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.The immediate thought which crossed the mind was the comparison of the opening ceremonies held in the subcontinental world cups dated 1987 and 1996.There are some important learning which the bigger and more powerful neighbour(read India) can decipher from the recently concluded opening ceremony in the capital of its eastern neighbour.They are as follows-
(1)The country marketed itself in a commendable manner by riding piggy on the ICC World Cup 2010 stage.
(2)The homogenous and simple flow of the event without and hiccup or glitches is praiseworthy.
(3)Everyone contributed under the able leadership of PM Shiekh Hasina, which was evident from the all round support and preparations of the event.
(4)One point agenda of everybody starting from the rickshaw puller plying Dhaka to the cricket official of BCB(Bangladesh Cricket Board)was to make this event a grand success which in turn would generate lot of foreign revenues and indirect employment in the months to come.
(5)No last minute hassles like Eden Garden and CWG fiasco in India
(6)No Kalmadi type corrupt sports administrator in the helm
(7)Adequate opportunity given to fellow co-hosts like India and Sri-Lanka thereby displaying their big hearted approach towards the neighbouring country
(8)For once Indian corrupt politician, Agriculture minister and ICC President, Sharad Pawar was honest and vocal while saying this was the best opening ceremony he had witnessed, indirectly referring to the maladies of those held in India in 87 and 96 respectively.
(9)The show as simple yet modern with all the latest technologies in display, not to forget the perfect blend of Bangladeshi culture and modernity
(10)Refusal of Shakira and accepting Bryan Adams as the latter quoted an astronomical sum speaks volumes about the reality the decision makers lives in.India would have accepted that offer and the decision makers would in turn had generated personal kick-backs for the same.

Its time when Indian cricket board, supposed to be the richest, but the most fragmented within and the Indian politicos understand and learn from their small neighbour.Size and selfish approach doesnt matter, attitude, determination, passion and love for the country matters when it comes to organizing global events like Common Wealth Games, World Cups etc. Is Kalmadi and co listenting?

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