Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gulf Experiences in November-December 08

Its indeed an enriching experience to mentor, counsel and train the trainees working in various leading organisations of the gulf and pursuing their higher professional diploma from the Cambridge International Examination,UK.Students coming from different nationalities from across the Gulf, South Asia,Europe,having different backgrounds from diverse sectors really challenges your capability as assessment advisor.They need to be explained the nuances of submission pertaining to the cambridge standards and more important identify the missing gaps as far as domain knowledge, their understanding, application and presentation is concerned.Its indeed the real challenge for your truly to bring out the latent potential of all the trainees, while reinforcing the domain know-how as and when required.To add to that my experience in managing my team of experienced subject matter experts in this project is really a dream experience for any trainer who would like to learn the trade secrets of a successful trainer and training administrator at one go.Indeed I should confess my past experiences while imparting management and soft skills training to management post graduates and working professionals coupled with my Indian and gulf experiences in consultancy went a long way in making me understand the need of the trainees from middle east.There are various subtle and major differences I noticed and learnt while comparing my trainees in the gulf with that of the Indian subcontinent.These learnings I am sure would make me a better trainer with every passing day as diversity challenges your capabilities and more the variations, more would be the take-aways for a learner like me.

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