Sunday, November 16, 2008

Assessment-The backbone of any training program

Assessing your trainees after every training program is the most important aspect of any training department/trainer.Although there are ways and means to do it, the experience I had while mentoring senior and middle level executives from UAE, in the project (In Dubai,November-December 08)was completely different from my earlier exposures. Although I have trained and evaluated trainees(both students and professionals)in India, this new experience was an eye catching one especially when one considers the demographic diversity of the group of trainees.Most of them knew the concepts in and out,however, they lacked the theoritical understanding coupled with application.It was therefore pertinent for me to emphatize with my trainees and reach to their level of understanding.The assessment being related to their place of work, made it more interesting for me as they represented the best of the corporations from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).Interaction with the students while counseling them revealed many a secrets which allowed me to make those last minute changes so that my trainees benefit from my effort.I would candidly admit that I learnt a lot in this fifth experience in the gulf, and like my four visits to the gulf, this too had bagful of takeways for me as management trainer and consultant.

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