Sunday, September 14, 2008

Training the Trainers recently

My experiences in training and trainers had been a mixed one.On one hand I encountered the group which were highly receptive with an attitude to unlearn and relearn, whereas on the other there were tribes who thought they were Mr. and Ms. Perfect. To my surprise the latter felt that trainer need to understand the tricks of the trade only once and need not require any updates periodically. Training people on management and soft skills which are my areas calls for an extremely versatile approach with an attitude to learn at every time.Business environment being turbulent and volatile a trainer cannot rest on past learnings, rather he has to upgrade himself with the changing times, which calls for unlearning and relearning which in turn is linked to the attitude of the trainer.A senisble trainer especially the ones in management and soft skills learns new tricks by only being a minute observer, the rest simple follows.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Manishankar,

your experience in train the trainer program is not uncommon to many of us. You see poeple are always a mixed blend. People who appreciate and depreciate; who learn always and who always found a ceiling. As you said rightly learning is positive and not learning is definetely negative. Complecency is a mental block. It will not give room to thrive.

I would like to add to your comments in that whereever the word 'tricks' is used, it is better to replace with 'Strategies'; This looks better from even marketing point of view. Thanks.