Monday, September 8, 2008

Celebrating my 350th Publication

Today, 25th of September 2008, I have achieved a small personal milestone, which would not have been possible without the support of all my well wishers.I write business case studies, management and allied articles, articles on career for leading national and international publication houses.Writing is my hobby and I often get up in the midnight and collate my thoughts as articles without even wiping my eyes.Most of my thoughts are generated instantaneously after observing people at work, people in business, people opting for careers and the like.I try to challenege myself by composing at least one article every second day, which keeps my burning thought alive for more learning.Being a part of a global knowledge transfer firm only adds to my apetite.Writing is also a stress reliever for me and often when I am disturbed while coming across unethical and wrong practices in the professional and personal life, I try to convert them into articles and management case studies so that I can share the same for the well being of others.Writing is my blood, but more than that, I developed a passion for it.I can stay without food for a few days, but cant without scribbling my thoughts.

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