Monday, September 8, 2008

Training the in-flight cabin crews

The image of an airline is made on the sky.People love Singapore Airlines or Emirates or Qantas not because they have excellent aircrafts, but because they differentiate themselves on the basis of their core offering, which entails services. My travel to all parts of India and to overseas destinations made me believe that the brand equity of an airline is dependent on the cabin crews in a very big although the ground staff across departments also have a very significant role to play in that.One big reason why few airlines in spite of having the best of the aircrafts, inspite of offering heavy price discounts and loyalty programs fail, is due to the staff's behaviour which makes or breaks the image of an airline. Although the complete service package has many other issues involved, the lack of training in the front end ground staff and in-flight crews play a decisive role in the overall profitability of an airline.

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Anonymous said...

In any business, it the behaviour of poeple that produces results more than their qualification or experience. Therefore, training is very much necessary, specially soft skills. Thanks. KS Rao