Friday, December 6, 2013

Social Media in Tertiary Education

Social media as a tool for teaching and learning has never being felt more than the present period, mainly due to lightning fast communication, exchange of knowledge across geographies in real time, cross-pollination and sharing of ideas, knowledge and opinions from learner and facilitators all across the globe. Tools like facebook, twitter, blogs, slideshare, youtube, benhance, linkedin, wikis, and many other emerging platform blended with the reach of smartphones, internet penetration within the length and breadth of the globe has enabled knowledge starved netizens of yesteryears to metamorphose into active knowledge disseminators of tomorrow.  The need to embed social media into the teaching-learning environment at the tertiary level of education offers a plethora of challenges that need to be overcome by the teacher-learner duo. Putting in place full proof regulatory mechanism that can have checks and balances at every stage of the usage of the tool would prevent misuse of the medium, not to forget the nullifying effect it may have on the negativities of social media. Aligning of social media in the teaching-learning would catapult the passive learner into active and inquisitive lots primarily due to the increased involvement owing to the dynamicity of the medium being used to teach and learn. Posting assignments and other assessment tools on the social medium would not only generate more interest amongst the learner, but would also lead to an increased level of creativity and innovation, culminating in extracting more than the other plain vanilla mode of teaching and learning. Some of the links leading to allied topics are given below-

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